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    Is there some logic here? I posted yesterday an update in crossroads in "Mondo Rocketeer and Betty" thread, but the thread is still in page 3 and was not bought to the beginning as a new post as updates usually does.


      Interestingly, when I replied, it got in the right place..
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        This is probably a stupid question, but I’m old these days and google hasn’t helped, is it possible to post pics to the forum directly from a phone, via an image hosting app maybe?(my pc has decided to stop working)
        thanks for your help


          Not to worry, i sussed it


            How to do Polls

            When you open up a new thread/topic, you get this screen:

            1. So as not to forget, I would suggest to click on the 'poll creation' button, seen in red square in picture below:

            2. You will then get the following screen:

            3. Where it usually says "Enter title", see first picture, it now says "Enter poll question". It is often best to enter a title, leave the question for later

            4. Where it states "Write something optional)...", this is where you should place your question, as there is much more room, which is often required.
            If you wish to add pictures, this is where you need to add them.

            5. Time to scroll down and add your poll answers, keep them short!

            6. Things to decide about:

            At the bottom you will see "Poll Options", which you can have, by left clicking in the box or not have by leaving the box blank.

            6a. Set poll timeout -- this allows a specific amount of time for the poll to be open
            If you click on this you will get a calendar page come up, click on the date you wish to close the poll

            6b. "Allow multiply choices", does just what it says. You can not choose how many choices one can choose though. That would have to be on the honour system. Not clicked = 1 choice, Clicked = 1 to all choices

            6c. "Make votes public" - when this is left clicked on, then every member will be able to see what each voting member voted for, other wise, no one knows who voted for which.

            7. Once all the above steps are done, left click on the "Post" button, just like all other posts.

            8. Oh No!! You just got:

            It means that one or more of your 'add post answers' was/were too long. Remember I 'bolded' keep them short, in step 5 ... well this is why.
            Start decreasing the longest answer. Once you have decreased your longest answer, try 'posting' again. If the same error comes up, decrease the next longest, and try posting. Keep doing this, until it will finally post.

            If you are having any problems with creating a poll don't be afraid to PM me or one of the other mods.


              Your awesome my friend!


                Thank you Ithildin . This is the part of my mod job that I really enjoy.


                  Most Helpful Flamer!!

                  The above series of posts are just one small example of how our dear friend Min is so very ready to help us all here on the forum. Words can't say how much we all appreciate everything you do for us!


                    Things seem to be going a bit 'wonky' on the forum right now. I can't even start a new thread, hence placing this info here. Stig has been notified. In his time zone he should be fast asleep. Hoping things go back to normal soon. Sorry for ALL the inconveniences this is causing.

                    It seems to be back to normal.

                    Hoping it is for everyone else.
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