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    Yes, its me. Been caught up in Life stuff. Dragon dramas. And you don't want to know how deep the doo-doo is that I have had to wade through ...but it appears that I'm on the other side of it and looking forward to a shower, clean clothes and a high pressure hose for Dragon too....he stinks!

    So how have you all been?
    Im on my phone right now, so will have a proper look around when I get home....biggrr screen and a keyboard that's way bigger.
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    Hey there Annabel. I have sure been missing you here on the forum. Hopefully you are back for a bit. Glad to hear that you are on the other side of the .

    May the shower, clean clothes and high pressure washer, help to rid you of all the 'extra baggage' no one needs. Hope you enjoy 'poking around' this corner of the 'verse.


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      Hi Annabel

      Always great to hear from you and glad you popped on. You missed at crazy Treebeard preorder and sell out in 40 minutes. What a rush that was. Now everyone is in a holing pattern for Wetas Black Friday sale. Have fun catching up on the forum.


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        Glad to see you back Would love for you to share some of your art here And maybe we get to hear about your Korean adventure?


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          Nearly missed this little threadette ! Great to see you posting again Momma Dragon. Life and doo-doo can cause us to wander a bit far of the path but glad to see you've rejoined it further down the way.

          Enjoy your 'Catch up' and welcome home