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    Absolutely fantastic! THIS is how you do Star Wars properly! In the Season 2 finale I got constant goosebumps for the last 15 minutes and cried like a baby...

    Disney, please let Favreau and Feloni do EVERY Star Wars TV-Show or Movie from now on


      Originally posted by Stig View Post
      A fan theory said it was the love child of Yoda and Yaddle (sp?). That's a theory I hate. I really dislike the SW thing that everything and everyone has to be related.
      And it would be totally out of Yoda's character.


        Ou, I nearly ruined the show. Just in time I noticed that here are comments regarding the ending of Season 2 so I immediately stopped reading. I am in episode 5 (or was it 4?) so I have 3 more to watch. I'll come back after checking them but in general I agree with you all. This series is an instant hit with me even if I'm not total fanboy but I know what I like.