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    1. Treebeard
    2. RwoS SSW
    3. Daddy Rog SSW
    4. Isildur
    5. Galadriel Dark Queen

    1. Stone Trolls SSW
    2. Rivendell
    3. Argonath
    4. Prancing Pony
    5. Beorn’s House


      This is fun. Okay, my top 5 Weta & Sideshow-Weta pieces from what I own...

      1/6th scale

      1. Ringwraith on Steed (Sideshow-Weta) - the pose just can't be beaten
      2. Galadhrim Archer (Sideshow-Weta)
      3. Uruk-hai swordsman (Weta)
      4. Lady Eowyn of Rohan (Weta)
      5. Isildur (Weta) - especially in combo with the High Elven Warrior (Weta)
      6. Boromir at Amon Hen (Weta) finishes just outside the top 5. I love it, but I couldn't put it above any of the others.

      Actually, looking at that list of my favorite statues I realized that the main reason I love them is because of their pose.


      1. The Argonath bookends (my first Sideshow-Weta collectibles! )
      2. Amon Hen (Sideshow-Weta)
      3. The Mines of Moria (Sideshow-Weta)
      4. Weathertop (Sideshow-Weta)
      5. The Golden Hall (Sideshow-Weta)


        My Top 5 Weta stuff what I own (sorry, but for the Environments i "need" two kategories )

        1) Arwen and Frodo on Asfaloth
        2) Gandalf and Frodo on Cart
        3) Ringwraith of Mordor
        4) Gandalf the Grey Pilgrim
        5) The Witch-King and Frodo at Weathertop

        Big Environments:
        1) Rivendell
        2) Orthanc - Black Tower of Isengard
        3) Minas Morgul
        4) Minas Tirith
        5) Barad Dur

        Small Environments:
        1) House of Beorn
        2) Hobbiton Mill
        3) Green Dragon Inn
        4) White Council Chamber
        5) Front Gate of Erebor


          I haven't contributed up to now as I haven't been able to choose! Okay...


          1. Gollum - Masters Collection
          2. Sauron SSW
          3. Isildur
          4. Gandalf on Shadowfax SSW
          5. Morgul Lord SSW


          1. Bag End
          2. Rivendell
          3. Barad-Dur
          4. Argonath
          5. Orthanc - Black Tower of Isengard

          That was tough.