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    Originally posted by Ithildin View Post

    Oh, so glad to hear from you again buddy! I knew if I resurrected that old photo of yours you would see the smoke and come running.
    Thanks for “lighting” my way!
    Originally posted by Minuialwen View Post

    Oh is this what we need to do to get oldduffer back on the forum more? Well then, once every week or two this photo will be placed on the forum.
    I chased the Ent Wives too long and lost my way Dawn!


      Originally posted by oldduffer

      I chased the Ent Wives too long and lost my way Dawn!
      Unlike them, I am glad you found your way back.


        Well I’m with Oldduffer, statues aren’t for keeping in boxes, statues are to be enjoyed!

        Boxes aren’t for storing statues in, they’re for standing on!

        Or burning, I guess


          Originally posted by Idril View Post
          Pretty sure the ‘pieces of foam’ weren’t placed at the top or bottom but somehow help support the statue where the gaps are in the poly stone (like the crack in the middle and on the side).
          They were the styrofoam pieces. I was talking about some foam/sponge bits that lay in both ends of the polystyrene and then sort of sandwiched the statue when it was closed.