Morgul Lord Sideshow - Review and Custom Paint

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  • Morgul Lord Sideshow - Review and Custom Paint

    Morgul Lord Sideshow - Review and Custom Paint

    Wanted to share my thoughts on the Morgul Lord Sideshow and my custom paint

    Overall I give this a 8.5/10.
    Not perfect, but a CLASSIC piece.
    There is truly something special about these older statues that I find... like they have this touch of magic.
    "the light in their face"

    - I felt this is the weakest aspect of the statue
    - too much black color
    - no contrast in regards to the metal color in the helmet and armor

    Pose / Sculpt:
    - statue flows nicely
    - Pose can easily be paired with many other statues, especially eowyn
    - Exceptional sculpture, -cloak looks like it is really flowing as he looking to make a killing blow

    - Love the details on this statue, especially the armor and the weapons
    - Helmet is accurate which is the center piece of this statue

    Repaint - I decided to try to repaint the helmet and armor of this statue. I love the sculpt, so I felt that this statue lacked "character" because the painting was so bland. After attempting my first paint, all I can say is that i love this statue even MORE. Looked great under the light and looked closer to the movie



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    Nice job! Definitely an improvement.

    Totally agree about the older pieces. There is indeed a bit of magic there. They'll never completely leave my collection no matter how much newer statues improve.

    'A Balrog. A demon of the ancient world.'


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      Good stuff. It looks really good with what you did and I usually am not a fan of customizing these pieces. This is one of my all-time favorite pieces.


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        I love this piece very much and it captures that moment so very well.


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          Excellent repaint! This was one of my favorite statue as well


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            Bslayer8 I really enjoyed your review and especially loved the repaint you did of the Morgul Lord, I am always jealous when people with talent make repaints of their pieces and end with an improved piece just like yours, wish I had the talent and the nerves to do it myself!
            Hope you keep doing reviews and repaints of your pieces!