The Ancient and Most Hallowed Shadow and Flame Hall of Charity

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    The Ancient and Most Hallowed Shadow and Flame Hall of Charity

    In this page you'll find generous members who have given to their fellow collectors.
    Thank you all for helping in enriching this collecting community.

    The Shadow and Flame Official Giveaways
    #1- White Tree Keychain
    Sponsored by CharlesSong (winner: Seretur)
    #2- Weta Moria Orc Medallion
    Sponsored by Mottmorgul (winner: Darth Rage)
    #3- Weta Arms of the Hobbits
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Cardfan)
    #4- Weta Troll Maquette
    Sponsored by Mottmorgul (winner: JiXiang)
    #5- Weta King Theoden bust
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Samwise)
    #6- Weta Warg Medallion
    Sponsored by oldduffer (winner: Felmar)
    #7- Ringers T-shirt
    Sponsored by CharlesSong (winner: Saurons I)
    #8- Weta Helm Collection
    Sponsored by Mottmorgul (winner: Nazgurl)
    #9- LOTR art prints
    Sponsored by Saurons I (winner: Darth Rage, Cyndal Za)
    #10- SDCC Collection
    Sponsored by CharlesSong (winner: OrcKiller)
    #11- Weta Gollum as Gollum
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: xtj)
    #12- Weta Kong vs. Rex mini
    Sponsored by CharlesSong (winner: Vikingmagyar)
    #13- Weta Kong: Ravine Struggle
    Sponsored by Weta (winner: Felmar, HôS, Figwit, B-Electronic, BattleTroll, MottMorgul)
    #14- Weta Narnia maquette set
    Sponsored by Weta (winner: Myhr)
    #15- SSW Aragorn at the Black Gate
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: grima)
    #16- Sideshow Legolas figure
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Agent of Chaos)
    #17- Sideshow Million Giftcard Bonanza
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: lots of people )
    #18- Sideshow Wolverine Legendary Scale bust
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Mannix DLS)
    #19- Gentle Giant Frodo and Sam in Orc Armor
    Sponsored by Razor's Edge (winner: SarumanOnnazgulSteed)
    #20- Sideshow Elvis PF + Weta Cabalist
    Sponsored by Sideshow and Weta (winners: LOTR Fan, Darth Rage)
    #21- Quest for the Golden Weta
    Sponsored by Weta (winner: Darth Rage)
    #22- The Quest for Cortana
    Sponsored by Weta (winner: Fréaláf)
    #23- A KONG-sized Giveaway!
    Sponsored by Weta (winner: Shadow King)
    #24- The Three (Hellgate) Hunters
    Sponsored by Weta (winners: Darth Rage, theguru1, DD)
    #25- Who wields the Unnatural Selectors?
    Sponsored by Weta (winners: LOTR Fan, groovista, Portugueezer, HOS, Sir Raymond Wayne)
    #26- Han Solo in carbonite
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winners: Felmar)
    #27- Righteous Bison
    Sponsored by Weta (winners: Dave Mac)
    #28- Victory Xmas ornament
    Sponsored by Weta (winners: newcourt, polylord, trampledamage)
    #29- Report non-human activity
    Sponsored by Weta (winners: newcourt, Elendil, Ruze789, Scriff, LOTR Fan, Happyboy, Leonard, Prawnkus,ci_fly)
    #30- Clash of Kings
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Steve)
    #31- Rocketeer Premium Format
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Leonard)
    #32- Vlad the Impaler Premium Format
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: gfdill)
    #33- Lara Croft: Snow Day
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: MTT)
    #34- Gollum Premium Format
    Sponsored by Sideshow (winner: Aragorn)

    Hall of Charity Inductees
    Nov 21 2005: Story of Star Wars Wal-Mart bonus disc

    Jul 08 2010: 1000th post giveaway: Frodo's Orc Helm and Pippin's Citadel Helm
    Jan 11 2011: Give a Hobbit a New Home - SSW Pippin statue
    Mar 07 2011: There And Back Again - Books of the map of the Hobbit, Middle-Earth and Beleriand, written by Brian Sibley, illus. by John Howe

    May 21 2011: Thunderbirds Countdown: 5 Thunderbirds pins made by Annabel
    Aug 2013: Pixies, Faries, and Imps - ??
    2014: Mug Angel - Daniel Reeves Wellington Rover Tours hand aged map by Annabel herself
    2014: Snow Angel - Daniel Reeves Wellington Rover Tours hand aged map by Annabel herself

    Aug 27 2006: LOTR and HP swag

    Jan 06 2006: Weta Kong vs. Rex mini

    2014: Bard’s first Givaway! - Radagast's forest friends
    2014: Favorite holiday and why - Myth & Magic; the Art of John Howe

    Jan 07 2006: King of the Dead autographed photo
    Aug 02 2007: The Mahud autographed photo

    Oct 04 2006: B-E Tee Contest for LOTR T-Shirts

    Nov 23 2005: First day issue LOTR postcard set
    Dec 15 2005: Weta King of the Dead
    Sep 24 2006: LOTR posters
    Apr 14 2007: ROTK hat and shirt
    Jan 27 2008: Superbowl XLII Official Program
    Feb 06 2008: Lurtz Ceramic Mug and Orcs of Moria Medallion
    Feb 11 2008: Ringwraith and Fellowship Ceramic Mugs
    Nov 13 2010: LOTR Fan Club watch

    Beleg Cuthalion
    Mar 02 2008: Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, The Tolkien Years" book and Fantastic Four DVD
    Dec 07 2008: Big Fish DVD and Sideshow gift card
    Dec 15 2008: Kingdom of Heaven DVD
    Aug 24 2009: Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for PS3
    Sep 04 2009: Unexpected Party Hildebrandt Print
    Feb 01 2011: The Folio Society's edition of The Hobbit
    Oct 18 2011: 2012 Sideshow calendar giveaway
    2014: Narnia Christmas Gift Sets Giveaway

    Blu Falcon
    Apr 28 2010: There and Back Again Journal

    Feb 23 2010: Sideshow bracelets, keychain and cap

    Jan 13 2005: Shadow and Flame Grand Opening Giveaway - Comic Con White Tree keychain, Sideshow keychain, ORC goodies
    May 23 2005: Shadow and Flame Mini Giveaway - Star Wars Patch
    Jul 08 2005: Shadow and Flame Giveaway #7 - Ringers T-Shirt
    Jul 08 2005: Shadow and Flame Giveaway #10 - Comic-Con 2005
    Dec 17 2005: Shadow and Flame Giveaway #12 - Kong vs. Rex mini
    Mar 15 2007: Shadow and Flame Giveaway #17 - Sideshow gift cards - loads of them!
    Dec 15 2007: Flash Giveaway - $10 Sideshow Gift Card
    Jul 30 2009: $35 Sideshow Gift Card

    Mar 16 2007: Eowyn Helm

    Dec 26 2014: Grima bust SSW

    Darth Rage
    Oct 05 2006: Sideshow Catalog 9 - Additional Prize
    Nov 15 2006: Sideshow Collectibles Virtual Experience 5.1 CD-ROM
    Apr 25 2007: goodies - T-shirt, poster, bookmark and Sideshow giftcard
    Feb 26 2008: 2008 Sideshow Calendar
    Feb 07 2010: Two Andrew Frye LOTR sketches
    Jul 08 2010: Three $75 and two $50 Sideshow gift cards

    Dave Mac
    Oct 15 2009: Poetry competition to win a plush Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas
    May 06 2011: 3,000 Posts LOTR Collectible Giveaway: Eaglemoss Special Edition Armoured Troll
    Feb 18 2012: Harry Potter, the boy who GIVED: Gringott's Savings Book
    Feb 14 2014: A Dwarven Talisman - hand engraved Kili stone
    Dec 2014: Christmas and New Year cheer! - ??

    Jun 22 2008: Two Towers Lithograph by Jerry Vanderstelt

    Jan 23 2007: LOTR cards, Australian LOTR stamps and the One Ring with pouch and chain
    Apr14 2010: King Kong Blu-Ray

    Mar 27 2010: $25 Sideshow Giftcard

    Jan 04 2012: Sideshow Weta Orc Medallion
    2014: Eti’s One Ring Giveaway - A "one ring" that Eti made himself

    Ewok aka Olorin
    Jan 04 2012: miniature FMOM raygun, and more

    Aug 18 2005: Nat Geo LOTR DVD, ROTK movie mylar, Map of Mordor
    Oct 24 2005: UC Mini Shards of Narsil
    Nov 16 2005: Aragorn as Strider magnet
    Dec 02 2005: Celebration supplies
    Jan 08 2006: Gondorian Banner
    May 31 2006: Custom LOTR Address labels
    Aug 01 2006: MR Studio Scale Falcon set
    Sep 05 2006: Balrog Votive Candle Holder
    Oct 05 2006: Sideshow Catalog 9
    Nov 07 2006: Tree of Gondor t-shirt
    Dec 10 2006: Code 3 legendary casts Revenge of the Sith sculpted poster
    Jan 10 2007: LOTR Beanie and POTC Necklace
    Jan 30 2007: 2007 LOTR Calendar
    Jun 26 2007: Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections Vehicles Atlas
    Jul 26 2007: SDCC '07 Giveaway - HP 3D puzzle, R2D2, Terminator, Robocop & The Godfather DVDs, SW Sand Troopers, LOTR Symphony DVD
    Sep 19 2007: SSW Crown of the King of the Dead #781/4000
    Nov 15 2007: POTC3 movie soundtrack
    Jan 05 2008: Fantasy Hunting Knife
    Jan 09 2008: Sideshow Collectibles Calendar 2008
    Jan 15 2008: The FelCloverMarField Sweepstakes: Frankenstein Statue, Cave Troll Hammer, Orc Trapjaw Helm, Monster shot glasses, Terminator Endoskeleton Bobble-head
    May 29 2008: T2 T-1000 Bobblehead
    Sep 10 2008: Five flashlights
    Oct 24 2008: $50 Sideshow gift card and Collect for Life keychain
    Nov 24 2008: FCMF Sweepstakes Year 2: Bespin Han Solo figure, Dracula's Brides bust, Shelob statue, Pippin bust, Attack Troll maquette
    Mar 05 2009: Buffy 12-inch figure
    Apr 27 2009: Wicket vinyl collectible doll
    Jun 29 2009: Hellboy Tin Sign
    Jul 21 2009: Quid Pro Quo - First Round:Cash and other stuff!
    Jul 29 2009: Quid Pro Quo - Second Round: LOTR Trivial Pursuit, LOTR RISK board game and gift cards.
    Aug 13 2009: Quid Pro Quo - Third Round: $100 Sideshow Gift Card
    Aug 20 2009: $50 Sideshow Giftcard
    Aug 30 2009: Quid Pro Quo - Fourth Round: Master Replica glowing Sting and $30
    Sep 29 2009: Quid Pro Quo - Fifth Round: $50 cash plus $50 off a sideshow product
    Dec 12 2009: 3rd Annual FCMF Sweep-stakes! Mace of Sauron, 2010 Sideshow Calendar, Helm of Eomer, King Kong: Jack and Denham's Ravine Struggle
    Feb 24 2010: Two 2010 Sideshow Calendars
    Apr 06 2010: Citadel Guard Helm
    May 29 2010: Warg Riders medallion
    Aug 18 2010: Battle Troll Helm
    Feb 23 2011: 4th Annual FCMF Sweepstakes! Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor, Weta Mr Tumnus Maquette, 12" Samwise exclusive statue, White Tree of Gondor Stone Pendant, Crown of King Elessar 1/4 replica

    Dec 12 2005: Vintage Star Wars figures
    Feb 02 2006: LOTR Calendar
    May 20 2006: Weta Kong Ravine Struggle

    2014: Key to Erebor - given to first person to PM

    Apr 25 2009: 2,000 Wii Points

    Jun 08 2008: Lord of the Polystone T-Shirt
    Nov 23 2008: Disneyland Stitch as Yoda figure
    May 04 2009: Get Smart promotional shirt from SDCC
    Nov 27 2009: ToyBiz There and Back Again set, ToyBiz MinimatesTwilight Frodo and Sauron
    Feb 16 2010: 2010 Sideshow Calendar

    Jan 05 2009: Sideshow Vol 10 catalog and $50 gift card
    Sep 07 2009: Second Chance items gift card from Sideshow

    Nov 20 2005: Weta Orc Crowface helm
    Dec 03 2005: Alan Lee signed art print: The Mines of Moria
    Apr 11 2006: Weta Shelob Statue
    Apr 12 2006: Richard Taylor Autograph
    May 01 2006: Weta Numenorean Helm
    Aug 20 2006: Weta Narnia Tumnus maquette
    Aug 20 2006: Weta Narnia Minoboar maquette
    Aug 20 2006: Gandalf's Staff pen
    Nov 26 2006: Three DVDs
    Jan 07 2007: 2006 Tournament Finale - LOTR trilogy soundtrack

    2014: Idril’s 3000 post celebration giveaway – 3 original shire post coins

    Jul 26 2010: Dr. Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory

    Aug 01 2010: Autographed Fellowship of the Ring poster
    Sep 28 2010: Autographed Two Towers poster
    May 19 2011: Eowyn poster autographed by Miranda Otto
    May 16 2012: Sean Astin LOTR poster

    Sep 21 2006: Weta Sauron Helm

    Sep 23 2009: Lord Cockswain's Infallible Logic Puzzle awarding Miniature Victorious Mongoose

    Oct 27 2010: District 9 postcards signed by Greg Broadmore and a Goliathon 83 pin
    Feb 07 2011: Leafy says Have One On Me! - 2 bottles of SobeRing Thoughts beer

    Lembas Eater
    Dec 24 2009: Christmas Giveaway: Deluxe Children of Hurin plus two Alan Lee poster sets

    Little Lion
    2014: Come now, don’t be shy. Step into the Light? Win a Dragon Pack! - Phoenix Models 1:400 scale ANZ Smaug Plane, Metal plane display stand, Smaug's Treasure Coin #1, Hobbit Smaug Pin and John Howe's Draconis coloring book
    There was a runner-up prize of a second model plane, same as the one in the main prize pack, metal plane stand included.
    July 2014: Weta Workshop Fantasy Exhibition Giveaway: State which of the 3 prize packs you want
    Prize Pack 1: Set of two Posters
    Prize Pack 2: Set of 3 Gloaming Items: Art book, a set of two glossy folders, a set of five postcards
    Prize Pack 3: Set of 3 Wandering Woods items; Art book, a set of two glossy folders, a set of five postcards

    2014: LondonNic’s Crucible Giveaway - Program to the Live proformance of the Crucible with Richard Richard Armitage in it

    LOTR Fan
    Nov 01 2005: Giveaway for Birth of 3rd Child - Lord of the Polystone T-shirt
    Jul 25 2006: SDCC 06 Swag
    Dec 05 2006: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings
    Feb 26 2008: 2008 Sideshow Calendar

    Mannix DLS
    Nov 22 2005: Bradford Exchange LOTR plate
    Mar 25 2006: Applause One Ring

    Nov 03 2011: Before and After Ash figures

    Sep 11 2006: $10 Sideshow giftcard

    Sep 21 2013: 3000 post give away - #26 Hobbit holes
    April 2014: 5000 post give away - #26 and #1 BSR Hobbit holes
    July 2014: Favorite door between old and new in Hobbiton - #36 Hobbit smial
    Oct 2014: SLCC (late) Give Away - Weta lanyard, and Thunderbirds a Go patch

    Jun 19 2008: Sideshow Weta Smeagol Bust
    Aug 29 2009: 12 inch statue of Stripe from Gremlins
    24 Feb 2012: Grima Wormtongue bust
    May 2013: Draw a Picture of the Statue That You Would Like To See Made - Gandalf the Gray 1:6 from the Hobbit line

    Mar 06 2005: Shadow and Flame giveaway #2 - Moria Orc medallion
    May 05 2005: Shadow and Flame giveaway #4 - Weta Attack Troll maquette
    Jul 10 2005: Shadow and Flame giveaway #8 - Weta Helm set
    Dec 06 2005: Weta Arms of the Fellowship Weapon set #2
    Jan 13 2006: Shadow and Flame One Year Anniversary Giveaway - Mystery Box of LOTR Goodies
    Jun 12 2006: Shadow and Flame giveaway #16 - Weta Eowyn statue
    Oct 11 2006: Weta Sauron Helm
    Oct 27 2006: Warg Riders Medallion

    2012: Bilbo’s Giveaway- SDCC Hobbit pin
    2014: Bilbo’s Giveaway- 2 winners; each received a Hobbit berlin premiere coin

    Feb 09 2010: Sideshow keychains

    2014: Nocturno's first giveaway - Lady Galadriel puzzle and a poster with a drawing of King Thranduil

    Aug 16 2008: Olympic giveaway - Olympic collectible pins
    Dec 07 2009: Transformers shirt clasps
    2014: Giveaway #1 - Legolas bust

    Jan 18 2011: 2011 Sideshow Calendar Giveaway
    May 24 2011: Giveaway of two $50 sideshow giftcards

    Jun 23 2005: Shadow and Flame giveaway #6 - Warg Rider medallion
    May 19 2007: Warg Rider and Master of Fangorn medallions
    Jan 26 2008: Done The Impossible - Firefly Documentary
    Apr 16 2008: Serenity - Better Days comic issue 1
    Apr 16 2008: Serenity - Those Left Behind comic issue 1

    Apr 11 2009: Dr Grordbort's Directory, Weta baseball cap, Leon DVD

    Jul 25 2007: 2007 Tournament SDCC #1 - Collector's Model Ringwraith on Steed
    Sep 07 2008: Arms of the Nazgul - signed by Peter Lyon

    Aug 04 2006: SDCC 06 Swag

    Dec 04 2008: $10 Sideshow Giftcard
    Mar 17 2009: Jason Key-chain
    Sep 25 2009: The Doors of Mystery! Door 1: Middle Earth poster. Door 2: Creating LOTR Symphony DVD. Door 3: Minas Tirith environment. Door 4: Two Towers postcards. Door 5: Gollum poster. Door 6: Toybiz Morgul Lord. Door 7: Two Towers lobby posters *phew!*
    Apr 27 2011: Polylord's 2000 post and 3 year anniversary giveaway - sideshow calendars, catalogues and Spooktacular goodies
    May 2013: Polylord's 3000 post giveaway - LotR computer program and exclusive sound track from the Hobbit: AUJ

    Jan 14 2006: Anniversary Chat Giveaways (huge list of items)
    Jan 15 2006: The Non-Chat Lo-lo-lottery - Galadrian War Helm
    Jan 29 2006: Weta War Mask of the Morgul Lord
    Feb 02 2006: Waiting for the PF Pre-Order Frodo Giveaway - 6-inch Frodo figure
    Mar 04 2006: Pordey's Poetry Contest: Two DVDs, Mouth of Sauron bust, Master Replica's Sting, Warg Rider, Trapjaw helm, Goat's cheese
    Apr 10 2006: King Kong production diaries
    Jul 20 2006: Weta Golden Hall
    Aug 22 2006: Creatures of LOTR book
    Oct 14 2006: Movies for Hallowe'en: X-Men 3, Reign of Fire, Nightmare Before Christmas
    Nov 02 2006: Story-telling contest - Legolas Bust
    Nov 22 2006: Yoda's Saber
    Jan 07 2007: 2006 Tournament Finale - Uruk-Hai Statue, LOTR movie trilogy, Film frame, Minimates Elrond and Elven Warrior
    Feb 02 2007: 2007 Tournament February - Minimates High Elven double pack
    Mar 30 2007: 2007 Tournament March - LEGO V-Wing fighter
    Apr 16 2007: 2007 Tournament April - Mystery Prize
    May 07 2007: 2007 Tournament May - LOST DVD Boxed Set
    May 18 2007: 2007 Tournament Potter Extra - Neca Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort action figures
    Jun 01 2007: 2007 Tournament June - Gentle Giant Harry Potter bust
    Jul 27 2007: 2007 Tournament SDCC #2 - Creature of the Black Lagoon goodies
    Oct 29 2007: 2007 Tournament October - Sideshow 12" Dead Security Guard + T-shirt
    Nov 21 2007: 2007 Tournament November - Sideshow Weta Grishnakh Bust
    Apr 20 2008: 2008 Tournament Empire Magazine Indiana Jones special
    Jul 18 2008: 2008 Tournament Eaglemoss Collector's Model Cave Troll
    Jul 29 2008: 2008 Tournament Gentle Giant limited edition Indiana Jones crate
    Sep 04 2008: 2008 Tournament Gentle Giant Frodo and Sam mini-busts
    Sep 24 2008: 2008 Tournament SDCC 08 Swag
    Oct 22 2008: 2008 Tournament Lego Star Wars Magnets
    Nov 09 2008: 2008 Tournament Sideshow Dead Christmas Ornament and T-shirt
    Nov 27 2008: 2008 Tournament High Elven Soldiers Minimates
    2013 and 2014: various chat room giveaways; prizes include (but this is just the few that people can remember) -
    Dol Guldur Ambush Lego Set, Lego Mini figures, Lineage of Durin art print, smaug gold coin, Smaug; the King Under The Mountain (Smauglet), LotR post cards, The Hobbit post cards

    Aug 27 2007: LOTR Medallion #12 - The Warg Riders
    Mar 21 2008: 1 year Anniversary spectacular: 2008 Sideshow Calendar, Crown of King Elessar, Orc Muzzle cage Helm, Orcs of Moria medallion, Combat Hex High Elf Archer, ToyBiz Merry, Pippin and Moria Orc and a ToyBiz Lurtz 2-pack
    Jan 09 2010: 2009 Sideshow Calendar
    Mar 15 2010: $25 Sideshow Giftcard

    July 2013: Weta/SS Orc Helm
    December 2014: Erebor giveaway - Original Erebor gold prop coin

    2014: Name the Children's Shows Giveaway - The Hobbit: ;The Desolation fo Smaug: Chronicles: Art and Design DOS and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon

    Jan 28 2012: The visitors, well-wishers and distant relations giveaway: Balrog Flame of Udun

    Dec 02 2005: Weta Gil-Galad bust
    Dec 02 2005: Lisa Simpson bust
    Dec 23 2005: Applause Star Wars set
    Aug 20 2006: Star Wars Chromium prints
    Jan 31 2008: Thor vs Loki comic mini-series
    Jul 08 2008: Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride giveaway - Legolas, Boromir, Faramir and Aragorn statues
    Jul 30 2009: Rook's Hidden Star Wars Contest to win a TC-14 Vinyl Collectible Doll

    January 2015: Game of Thrones Faceless Man coin

    Saurons I
    Jul 13 2005: Shadow and Flame giveaway #9 - LOTR art prints

    2014: Scriff's first ever giveaway! - Hobbit hat
    2014: Scriff giveaway 2! Signed Weta catalogue

    Aug 01 2010: Sideshow Eomer Bust
    2014: Shadow and Flame t-shirt giveaway

    Feb 25 2007: NY Comic-Con SSC gift cards
    Apr 16 2007: Croatian edition of The Children of Hurin
    May 06 2008: Croatian edition of Devil May Care

    Shadow King
    Jan 07 2007: T-shirt giveaway
    Sep 08 2009: Witchblade 6-inch figures

    2014: - Favorite Illustration of a Place From Middle Earth - Book; The Art of the Lord of the Rings by Gary Russell

    Oct 26 2005: LOTR prize set inc. bookmarks, magnets, CDs, photos
    Jan 05 2006: King Kong t-shirt
    Feb 13 2006: LOTR giveaway Part Deux: LOTR trivia game, ToyBiz Frodo figure, two books and Ringers DVD
    Mar 06 2008: Sim's Little LOTR Giveaway - Armies of Middle Earth Fellowship Collection plus more
    Sep 13 2011: Sim's Combo LOTR Harry Potter Giveaway: Arms of the Nazgul, Argonath water globe and Dementor Bust

    Apr 21 2010: Terminator: From the Ashes by Timothy Zahn

    Mar 07 2011: A taste of Grordborts - Dingus Directory, Goliathon pin, F.M.O.M. keyring, Grordbort postcards and a Weta Cave shopping bag

    Jul 14 2011: The First Bronze Gandalfs: Where Are You? Giveaway - Isildur Bust
    2014: Storms Pj sketch giveaway poly added to prize

    Sept 2014: Tersit Autograph Giveaway - Autographed Cards

    The Josh
    Apr 25 2005: Sideshow Star Wars preview DVD and bracelet
    Jan 29 2006: LOTR Trilogy card deck
    Jun 13 2006: Weta Wounded Orc bust

    Jan 08 2006: Lord of the Rings calendar
    Jan 08 2006: Star Wars Best Buy exclusive lithograph

    Sep 02 2008: $25 Sideshow gift card

    June 2013: Almost a big head time - Thorn's Map t-shirt

    Vampiric Demon
    May 11 2012: Experience Wanted Giveaway: PS3 Aragorn's Quest

    2014: First Giveaway From Vigshane - 5 postcards with Vigshane's own Thorin drawing on them sent from New Zealand

    Nov 20 2005: Shire Post Axe of Duruin Piece of Seven solid copper coin
    Jun 27 2006: Original Artwork - Subject selected by the winner
    Feb 26 2008: Official Oscars Hat
    Sep 30 2008: Sideshow gift cards
    Mar 16 2010: Sideshow Weta King of the Dead Crown and Moria Orc Helm
    Aug 04 2010: A little big giveaway - Weta bug and a chainmaille keyring

    Jul 30 2007: SDCC goodies - Sideshow DVD and WETA catalogues
    Dec 05 2007: Sideshow giftcards
    Aug 24 2008: Weta 2008 catalogs
    Dec 02 2008: $100 Sideshow Giftcard
    Jun 12 2009: Autographed copy of Frodo Franchise by Kristin Thompson
    Oct 14 2009: Weta and Sideshow Gift-cards from SDCC

    Sep 11 2006: LOTR film cell display

    Jun 24 2010: Five $25 Sideshow gift cards
    Oct 29 2010: Eight $25 Sideshow gift cards

    Apr 12 2006: King Kong production diaries

    2013: Steelbooks

    Honorable mentions for their help with the giveaways also go to:
    Sideshow Collectibles
    WETA Collectibles

    Last edited by Minuialwen; 11 May 2016, 10:55. Reason: Added Little Lion's prizes

    There will be two halls of Charity threads, this one showing the record of what was given on the Shadow and Flame forum, and I'll start a new one for this forum.

    This list so far is generated from a text file I had saved from 2012, so a lot's missing. If you remember running a giveaway, or you remember someone else's can you PM me with the info? Send me - if you can - the date it ran, the prizes given and if you have a particular competition to go with it. Even if you don't have all that info, send me what you have

    Mods- I don't think this forum is set for unlimited editing so could one of you flip which ever switch controls it and let me always be able to edit the first post here and the first post of the next thread (whenever I create that )



      I just sent trampledamage a list of all the 2014 give aways and who the host was, I did not have the info as to date, prize or winner, so you can expect trampledamage to get in touch with you. The way I found out dates for the ones I hosted in 2014 was I went to where I save all my pictures to, to post and got the date from that.

      Best of luck trampledamage in getting this as up to date as possible.

      Two that I forgot to include on that list were from 2013
      Polylord -- 3000 post give away -- you won a LotR computer program (I think), I won the "exclusive" sound track from the Hobbit: AUJ
      trampledamage -- not sure why you held the give away -- or the year, but it was after Polylord's -- I won Weta T-shirt with Thorin's Map

      I did not include the "Chat room give aways that Pordey did
      From one of those I won Lineage of Durin -- Art Print (It was in the summer of 2014)


        Fantastic Dawn, that's wonderful!


          So many awesome giveaways and wonderfully generous flamers!!!


            I see that Ewok and Eti both gave away an Orc medallion on the same day. I'm pretty sure that Ewok never had an Orc medallion to begin with so he must've given away something else. I'd be damned if I know what though.


              well spotted, Marcel, maybe I was in the middle of creating a new entry when I saved this text file

              Anyone want to admit to remembering the Ewok giveaway?


                Nice one!
                I also gave away some steelbooks a while back but I dont remember the date!
                "If it bleeds, we can kill it"


                  I don't remember anything. I think I ate wipped cream and marzipan for dinner yesterday. That's as far as my memory goes...



                    I know I have done only two giveaways so far:

                    Smaug Dragon Prize Pack
                    Weta Workshop Fantasy Exhibition Giveaway

                    Unfortunately, my rotten memory has no clue as to the dates.

                    I'm pretty sure the Fantasy Exhibition happened in 2014. Not entirely sure about the Dragon Prize Pack. I want to say 2013. But other than the years, I can't remember the months + days...


                      Thanks for the info all of you - I'll get these added in.

                      Don't worry too much about dates, I'll put in whatever anyone can remember


                        I have done a few more giveaways than listed but can't remember them, when or what the prizes were. Old age!


                          Originally posted by trampledamage View Post
                          well spotted, Marcel, maybe I was in the middle of creating a new entry when I saved this text file

                          Anyone want to admit to remembering the Ewok giveaway?
                          I'll admit to having been Ewok. AND to having done that giveaway. I just don't know what I gave away anymore


                            There was the chatroom giveaway Pordey did recently too. I think Homonculus (spelling?) won a Lego Hobbit set (Dol Guldur I think it was?)


                              Originally posted by Olórin View Post

                              I'll admit to having been Ewok. AND to having done that giveaway. I just don't know what I gave away anymore
                              Oh wait! I remember one of the prizes was the miniature FMOM raygun. HôS was the winner I believe. And it never arrived... I know I had more prizes, maybe I'll have another brainfart someday and remember them.


                                Here are some of the giveaways I was involved in:

                                1. Weta/SS Orc Helm given to member Dwimmerlaik on July, 2013.
                                2. Original Erebor gold prop coin given to zefirot on Dec. 2014.
                                3. Autographed Cards received from tersit76 on Sept. 2014.
                                4. Hobbit Smial received from Min. on April 2014.


                                  Not to toot my own horn, but I gave away a Game of Thrones Faceless Man coin earlier this year. :-D


                                    As some of you know through my PMs, Trampledamage has become a very busy lady as of late, and has asked me to update this for her. I have updated all of those that have been kind enough to post on this thread.
                                    Sabin, it is not "tooting your own horn", it is allowing this record to be as complete as possible, thank you so much for sharing this info.

                                    I have the list of everyone that did a give away in 2014, excluding the mods, unfortunately my list stated who did the give away and what one had to do in order to enter it. What I need to know for this thread is who did the give away and what was given away, who won is not part of the first post.

                                    I have contacted members that did a give away in 2014, in which I could not remember what they gave away, a number of them have PMed me back, some could not remember what it was that they gave away. Time to ask for everyone to put on their thinking caps, as I know I remember better what I won and who sent it to me, than what I gave away in my give aways. If you were not the person that received the prize but you know what was given away, please post info here. Thanks everyone.

                                    Dave Mac -- Competition: Christmas and New Year cheer! – Dave Mac -- questions about Christmas movies (date started 12-26-14), Dave thinks it was a book, but is unsure. Love to know exactly what it was, if it was a book and you know the title please post this info. as well

                                    Ewok aka Olorin --
                                    miniature FMOM raygun, and more -- if you remember what else the "Ewok" gave away, even if it is 6 months or 2 years from when I post this, please make a post so that we can up date this and make it as "complete" as possible

                                    Little Lion -- Come now, don’t be shy. Step into the Light? Win a Dragon Pack! There were at least 2 winners, I think Eti was one, what did you win?
                                    If I am not mistaken it was a AirNZ plane (what scale) with Smaug on it, I'm pretty sure the other winner received the same plane and an author signed Draconis Colouring Book by John Howe
                                    Little Lion – Weta Workshop Fantasy Exhibition Giveaway – State which prize pack you want -- there were 3 winners, each prize was different

                                    Due to Mod's deciding that they were not allowed to be voted for, I do not have any info on what their give aways were; either the name of the give away or what they gave away, or even how many give aways each one did.
                                    I know that Red did at least one, but something tells me he did two, the one I remember was:

                                    Name the Children's Shows Giveaway - The Hobbit: ;The Desolation fo Smaug: Chronicles: Art and Design DOS and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon (as it lasted over 9 pages, and a couple of months, if I am not mistaken)
                                    Pordey/Stig I know did a number of give aways in the "chat room", some of the prizes have been remember, but I know this is a very small percent:
                                    various chat room giveaways; prizes include (but this is just the few that people can remember) -
                                    Dol Guldur Ambush Lego Set, Lego Mini figures, Lineage of Durin art print, smaug gold coin, Smaug; the King Under The Mountain (Smauglet), LotR post cards, The Hobbit post cards
                                    Did Pordey/Stig do any other give aways?
                                    Olorin: does anyone remember if Olorin did a give away in 2014? If so, what did he give away??

                                    Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

                                    Thanks all for helping me complete this "Historic" post.
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                                      I don't believe I did a giveaway in 2014. And for the life of me, I can't remember what I gave away as Ewok. I only remember the miniature FMOM because it never arrived (HôS won, I know that much).


                                        Originally posted by Olórin View Post
                                        And for the life of me, I can't remember what I gave away as Ewok. I only remember the miniature FMOM because it never arrived (HôS won, I know that much).

                                        As I stated Olórin, people can ususaly remember what they won in a give away, better than they can what they gave, hopefully someone will be able to help out.

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