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    Originally posted by Vicksken View Post
    It that their elevensies?
    I do believe it was.

    Originally posted by Stig View Post
    Wonderful pictures, Min. I am glad they arrived safely.
    Thanks Stig.

    Safely, and still nice a fresh. Nom nom.
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      Originally posted by Minuialwen View Post
      They arrived, they arrived.

      Only one problem, Merry and Pippin are both stuffed, and there is only left enough of one Stroopwafel to tease me with.

      Thank you so much @Olorin .

      What a great and generous giveaway.

      Most kind and thoughtful of you to add the Stroopwafels to my prize.
      I love those photos Minuialwen !!!

      It took them a while, but I'm glad they made it to your home. I'm not so glad that they ate your stroopwafels though. I was very stern on that point! They even had the nerve to ask me

      But after such a long journey, I can hardly blame them. They must've been famished.


        Maybe you hit Pippin a bit too hard with that apple?

        Thank you again for such a wonderful and away and for the extra treat placed into mine.

        With the double wrapping that the stroopwafels had it kept them nice and fresh.