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    After the After Party [winner announced]

    With the award's show all wrapped up a month ago and both prizes and poop are in the mail all over the world, we are still not able to quit the celebration.

    Welcome to the "After the After Party" giveaway where you can, like last year, win a surprise box filled with goodies. If you didn't participate in last year's giveaway, check it out here.

    The winner, with the most correct answers*, will get a box with a Mini Epics Saruman + 1 regular sized Mini Epics of your choosing from Weta + a t-shirt + a whole lot of surprise goodies. Everything will be Middle Earth related. That is, except the candy I may or may not drop into the box at the very last minute.

    What to do:
    The entering of the giveaway is a threeway:
    • Find the original pictures of the ones we used in this year's red carpet shots and identify the people in them.
    • Answer the five questions.
    D. How many members sent in their votes this year?
    E. All votes in the 2018 Flamies added up, who ended up with 36 votes?
    F. How many times have The Flamies been held at Flame of Udûn?
    G. How many times has Annabel been pictured on the red carpet during the FoU Flamies through the years?
    H. During the first weeks of Flame of Udûn's existence, Magnus was the second person to register and Megan was the third. Who was the first one?
    • Post, in this thread, a short greeting to one of the winners of this year's Flamies. You can find the winners in the award ceremony thread.

    Who can enter?:
    As we count being nominated for the rookie's award as anyone with 50 or more posts, we will use the same limit here. Those with less than 50 posts now are still able to enter the giveaway if they hit 50 posts during the giveaway's run.

    The giveaway runs for four weeks and wraps up April 23rd.

    Send the names of the identified persons in the pictures along with the answers for the five questions in a PM to me. One entry per person. Post the greeting to the Flamie winner in this thread. The two postings do not have to happen at the same time.

    Unable to answer all questions? Please send in anyway. We do have an extra prize too which will be randomly drawn among all who enter.

    Good luck!

    * if several entries have the same amount of correct answers, a random drawn will happen among the ties.

    Ooh this is a good giveaway. I will dedicate some time to investigating this weekend.


      Since I seem to be failing at find the answers for these questions I decided on focussing on the second part of this comp.

      There are so many wonderfull winners who deserve a shout out (old D beating E is most certainly one for the books) but I decided to focus on Kyle.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	410_TinkTank_4.jpg
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      I gave him my vote, even thought there are so many amazing artists on this forum who I admire, because he has given us so much over the years that allowed us to fill the gaps that Weta has left (and taken the little money Weta has left me in the process). His wonderfull projects also give us the chance to make our collections even more personal and unique. And to finish this off, he has a wonderful personality and goes out of his way when dealing with us, his customers, who, we all have to admit, aren't the easiest when it comes to ME collectibles So thank you Kyle! Please keep stealiing our money


        This is a very difficult giveaway, you don't make it easy for us Stig. I did my best and sent you my answers.

        It is a hard choice to which winner I am sending a short greeting, but I have chosen Minuialwen . I have not been a member of this forum for very long (a year and a half or so) but you have made an impression on me with your kindness en helpfulness, but mainly with your love for and knowledge of everything Hobbits. The way you dug yourself (pun intended) in the holes of The Shire is amazing. I am very happy that I could be of some help by providing my pictures of the Matamata set. Let us together hope for more Hobbit holes to place in our collection and for you to analyse!


          Such very kind words Celaglar, thank you. I an extremely thankful that you were kind enough to send me your pictures of Hobbiton,

          I would really enjoy knowing which Hobbit hole you are most wanting to add to your collection next Celaglar , Mill and Bridge are not Hobbit holes, so they don't count.
          If you are unsure of the number a general description and location of the hobbit hole will do, probably.

          Best of luck to all those that enter.


            Great giveaway Stig. Thanks for putting it on.

            I wanted to give a short greeting out to oldduffer. Man, big congrats to you on finishing your most spectacular display room! It looks like it was a labor of love and it is a place where you spend many many hours of pure enjoyment. Your work really amazes me. Thanks for the inspiration and well done Max!


              The Flame of Udûn newsletter brought me here and to a place where I can congratulate forum member Kyle for his 2018 Flamie given that it is always a pleasure to follow his creative process step by step to achieve the final collectible environment.

              Besides, his next piece is already in progress with the Moria cemetery, so there's already a contender for the 2019 Flamie award for artist of the year.
              Creator of the Weta tidbit of the day thread and The other Weta newsletter


                Thanks to the four who've entered so far. Without checking the answers from the participants, it's ca 25% chances of winning right now.

                If you have considered to enter for the last few weeks, now is the time to do it


                  A grand giveaway Stig, and my thanks to you for I missed the Flamies this year and congratulating the winners as I should have liked to.

                  And so, my greetings and congratulations to the new Rookie and my ‘successor’ ghettodactyl! Sir, you have a most excellent collection beyond the realm and scope that many of us may imagine. I can only say that I look forward with much anticipation to watching your collection grow and see it beautifully housed in time as befits the sublime objets d'art you possess.


                    Giveaway is now closed. Two participants had the same score.

                    The answers:

                    A) Brasilian model Alessandra Ambrosio taught TheWhiteHand how to do an awesome hair-flip.

                    B) The basis for the red carpet picture was one of British TV host Cat Deeley from last year's Emmy. If you answered Cat, you got full score. If you figured who the other two flanking them, you got 0,5 point each. I only saved the main original picture, but the person on the left is Amy Adams and I think the right is Andrew Garfield.

                    C) None of the participants answered who these two were. Which made me very disappointed, as I don't know either. I had hoped that one of you were a better detective than I was. 0 points to all.

                    D) How many members voted this year? 46
                    It wasn't said anywhere, but in the summary of this year's Flamies you could see that several categories had up to 46 votes.

                    E) Who ended up with 36 votes this year? Dave Mac and Red. I would even had okay'd Minuialwen who got 36 votes and then some.

                    F) How many times have we had the Flamies Awards here at FoU? As the one we just had was the 4th one: Four

                    G) How many Flamies Awards has Annabel been pictured at the red carpet? 3 years. 2016 was the only year we didn't get a proper photo of her, but we are sure she lurked in the background somewhere.

                    H) Who was the first user on FoU? Did you really think there only would be one trick question? After the initial install of the forum software May 5th/6th 2015 we automatically got a user named Admin - which I had access to. Magnus and the rest of us signed up soon after. After two or three months I couldn't see the use of having two users, both Stig and Admin, so I merged the two. If you look at the member list you see that I am actually the fourth member, but look at the url leading to the user profile and you see it says "1-stig" and Magnus' says "2-Magnus". Tricky! Answering Admin would be 1 point, answering Stig (so close) got you 0,5 point.

                    Both Celeglar and Earl.Haig got 6.5 points each. I let pick a random number between 1(C) and 2(E.H) (such range) and ended up with the number 2!!!

                    Congratulations, Earl.Haig.
                    Send me a PM with your address and which Mini Epic you are choosing

                    All four runner-ups win something. Because they are all awesome!

                    Thank you participating Vicksken Celaglar Ithildin Exploding Horizons and Earl.Haig


                      It was fun to enter and thanks for putting it on Stig!

                      Congrats Earl!


                        Congratulations Earl.Haig ! And thank you Stig for this awesome, very difficult and mind breaking give away!


                          Congrats Earl!

                          And thank you Stig for putting this together! I love using my brains for silly nonsense like this


                            I say! That was most wickedly constructed Stig, but my thanks for your time in making its convoluted questions!

                            My hearty congratulations to Celaglar for matching me in this most devilishly designed giveaway! And thank you Ithildin, Celaglar, and Vicksken for your kind words!


                              Sorry to everyone for the delay. I have had so much on my plate this autumn, but I was able to ship out four little boxes and one a tad bigger. Hipp hurray.


                                Originally posted by Stig View Post
                                Sorry to everyone for the delay. I have had so much on my plate this autumn, but I was able to ship out four little boxes and one a tad bigger. Hipp hurray.
                                Thanks Stig for everything you do.


                                  Originally posted by TheWhiteHand View Post

                                  Thanks Stig for everything you do.
                                  Thank you for being here

                                  And I am adding a few more ????? as one of the recipents of their prize from this giveaway will think I don't know how a write a question mark

                                  Sorry, Earl.Haig

                                  ???? ? ??


                                    Originally posted by Stig View Post
                                    Sorry to everyone for the delay. I have had so much on my plate this autumn, but I was able to ship out four little boxes and one a tad bigger. Hipp hurray.
                                    Originally posted by Stig View Post
                                    And I am adding a few more ????? as one of the recipients of their prize from this giveaway will think I don't know how a write a question mark

                                    Sorry, Earl.Haig

                                    ???? ? ??
                                    Huzzah!!! Danke Stig!

                                    Nothing to apologise for in the slightest, why, it is actually a relief. I had thought that perhaps you had sent them many months ago, a parcel went awry, and I was the most tremendous cad for never acknowledging your parcel.

                                    The mystery of the question marks puzzles me deeply however...


                                      Originally posted by Stig View Post
                                      Sorry to everyone for the delay. I have had so much on my plate this autumn, but I was able to ship out four little boxes and one a tad bigger. Hipp hurray.
                                      No worries Stig! It was fun!


                                        Looking forward to the mail