International Hobbit Day at Hobbiton 2017

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    As you already know TheWhiteHand, I greatly appreciate all the photos you took and are sharing!!
    Some of these will eventually show up in Hobbiton Chronicles, of course with a note as to them being yours.
    I have now dubbed one of the Hobbit holes as the 'chameleon'.
    So glad both you and Idril had such a great time.
    Looking forward to reading both of your write ups here.

    For those of you thinking about going to Hobbiton for Hobbit Day 2018, there are to be 400 tickets available for the evening dinner, sometime later this week, or maybe as late as next week. According to the video created partly by Hobbiton tours on Facebook.

    Incase you are interested, no I will not be going.


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      Great pics K. Glad someone can organize cameras to last the distance.

      I'll make time for a post and some pics soon. Sorry - busy life.


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        Looks like everyone has an awesome time. Admit a bit of envy and I'm wanting to just jump on a plane. Loved the pictures, they are great!


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          Originally posted by TheWhiteHand View Post
          You might recognise some familiar faces - our very own Idril whom I had the pleasure of meeting, Rosie Cotton herself and Russell Alexander, one of the owners.

          I hope you enjoy the photos!

          Really? Was Sarah McLeod there?

          The party tree doesn't look that "party" anymore. Maybe because it is spring, but it looks like it is close to it's demise.
          And the oak over Bag End looks to be in need of releafing.


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            Yes Stig. The Bag End tree was being releafed. I guess they do it every spring.

            The Party tree is much the same but I wonder what will happen if it dies of old age or stress. Apparently the Alexander's were planning to chop it down for firewood before PJ knocked on their door


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              Oh wow that looked like such a great feast. Wish I could have been there. You lucky Hobbitses.
              Mild mannered maniac.