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    Originally posted by Valar View Post
    Olórin is schooling the youngsters with some fine dance moves on centre floor!
    Obviously you've never seen me dance. Everything from that night is a bit foggy, but clearly it's the youngsters trying - and failing - to school me with some fine dance moves.


      Wow what an amazing Flamies! The best yet I would say. I couldn't get logged on until now but it was great to see so many well deserved winners, a wonderful tribute to Andrew and a well run an organised event. Congrats to all the winners, but hugs to you all and especially to Magnus who I owe an actual physical hug when I eventually get to NZ. Thanks Mods for taking the time to organise. My highlight of the year so far.


        First of all I want to give every member on this forum a big hug because you all are amazing!

        I am baffled, I actually won something. But first apologies for my late reply I haven't been active due to ilness (but feeling better now)

        This year I've started collecting and it's been amazing. Seeing all you guys awesome collection inspires me even more!

        I hope we can continue to help eachother everyday and keep sharing those awesome collections!!

        Stig I would love the classic series Gandalf , It will fit perfectly next to my ringwraith on Steed


          Quick update on the Raffle Prize Winners:

          I give the winners 2 days deadline to come up with their preferred prize. operatos have to decide before noon (CET) %hursday February 25th. Spitfire gets a 2 day deadline to wish for his.
          If we don't hear anything from operatos within 2 days, the next two winners will be bumped up one spot, making Spitfire the first winner and Vicksken the second - and operatos the third.

          Time will tell if there will be a reshuffle of winners.


            Hah, as you replied to this thread WHILE I was writing my post, I think you may be psychic
            This gives Spitfire 2 days to come with his answer for which price to choose. Will it be the Classic Series Nazgul or the three Mini Epics Istari?


              Hi all,

              Stig, I’ll pick the Ringwraith classic series please



                That's great, guys. Which means Vicksken ends up with the trio of Mini Epics Istari


                  Stig Thank you. I do feel quite guilty cause I just popped up in time after a very long hiatus


                    Originally posted by Vicksken View Post
                    Stig Thank you. I do feel quite guilty cause I just popped up in time after a very long hiatus
                    Nonsense. You still got the same old address?


                      Just recieved my 2019 Flamie trophy !
                      Great little addition, thank you



                          Congratulations to all winers The flame is still burn
                          "I would have gone with you to the end,into the very fires of mordor"


                            Great Flamies again this year!

                            Well done to Stig and Min for organising so well



                              Originally posted by Minuialwen View Post

                              Flame of Udûn
                              The Flamies 2020

                              Quote of the Year

                              It is always interesting to be reading along in a thread and come across "there's one for quote of the year", while at the same time many others are picking them selves up off the floor, due to laughing so very hard, or amazed at the creative minds that abound on this forum. We, of course, enjoy and encourage these types of comments as they help us to decide which quotes to dust off and bring back into the light during the voting part of the Flamies.

                              The 3 quotes this year were creative, brought a bit of the lighter side to a darker matter, be it the Hobbits never selling well, breakage during dusting or the toilet paper shortage. If 'laughter is medicine' than these 3 quotes helped in making us all feel better.

                              For a hobbit lover such as myself, I always wonder why so many Gandalfs, Wraiths, Gollums and the likes all the while 3 of the fellowship barely ever see the light of day when it comes to being immortalized in polystone. DD helps to show us that at least one hobbit sells well no matter what situation Weta polystones him into.

                              I am proud to present this years Quote of the Year Flamie to:

                              "Aragorn at Amon Hen - 1:6 scale statue"

                              (33 votes)
                              Runner up:
                              pocketreef and Radagaster in "Minas Morgul" (24)

                              Honorable mentions:
                              Homunculus1916 in "Corona virus" (9)

                              Congratulations to all 3 of our nominees this year.

                              Oh man, I feel so stupid! I've been at every Flamie Awards since the very beginning and the one time, the one year I can't make it, I win an award! I was just getting back on the forum earlier today with a post about the new Galadriel Classic statue. After that I was going to head over to the General section of the forum to check out the Flamies 2020 I missed. So I enter my post in the Galadriel thread and I notice a "20" Flamie under my name! I'm like, what the heck is going on? That can't be right. I don't win Flamies. Somebody made a mistake!

                              Originally posted by DD View Post
                              EDIT: Hey! What the heck is a Flamie doing under my name?! What is this new devilry?!
                              Turns out that our sneaky Hobbit Stig (who doesn't look like the ruins of an ancient watch tower anymore and for whose new Pippin sig/avatar livery I would have voted in Best Dressed because I think it looks great! ) saved my post from last summer as a potential Quote of the Year. He even sent me a PM telling me so, but I thought he was just joking. I mean, it was funny, but then there are a lot of great people here who crack me up (looking at you and the after party Valar and at Dave Mac who somehow knows about Victor's Secret! ) It's (just) one of the reasons we all love this place. But, I had honestly forgotten about the 'quote of the year incident' so today I couldn't understand why there was suddenly a Flamie under my face. It was genuine shock.

                              I think it's safe to say that 2020 must have been a total show for all of us and, like Minuialwen said, it is in times like these we all need (even more) stuff to laugh about, so like everyone here, I try to do my part whenever I'm on the forum. I'm not the best dressed, I'm not the most helpful, I don't photograph very well, and my collection isn't even on the forum. But. Occasionally, I say something funny.

                              Thank you Stig for remembering and putting me on the (short)list for the award. Thank you Minuialwen for your wonderful award speech.

                              Thank you all for the award. I will wear it proudly. (Now that I've discovered what it's for. )

                              Originally posted by Minuialwen View Post
                              Look at who the 'cat just dragged in' err, I mean lead onto the red carpet.

                              Thanks Alwayshappy for showing @DD the way. So very nice of you, DD, for helping 8ird get the the festivities.

                              I looked great but I don't remember this at all, but I suppose if I got to talking about Osgiliath I must have been pretty far gone. I didn't even notice FrodoEyes as he nicked my bread!

                              Originally posted by Valar View Post
                              @DD reminisces about his many victories in battle at Osgiliath to Radagaster over a few pints

                              Click image for larger version Name:	8.jpg Views:	0 Size:	348.2 KB ID:	209256

                              while nobody seems to have noticed the return of the Watcher in the Teapot, who is now eyeing up the bread on DD's plate!

                              Enelyë, what do your keen Elven eyes see?

                              Click image for larger version Name:	8b.jpg Views:	0 Size:	349.4 KB ID:	209257

                              Originally posted by Stig View Post

                              Click image for larger version Name:	banner_summary.png Views:	4 Size:	41.7 KB ID:	209335
                              The Flamies are over for this year. What an event is has been. While the last ones of our guests pick themselves up from the grassy hills around the Party Tree, let's sum up the awards ceremony. When we closed off the voting, 67 of you had sent in your votes and 75 members got one or more votes this year, something which may be a record for The Flamies. 10 members have now gotten a red Flame under their avatar and three new members have gotten their Hall of Flame medallion.

                              Valar did a phenomenal job with the After-Party, a party some of you will feel the consequences of for days.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	winners-edit.png Views:	64 Size:	588.0 KB ID:	209343
                              A wonderful visual summary of a fantastic edition of the Flamies! I'm sad to have missed out on the 'live' ceremony but it was great fun to read. Even as a re-run the Red Carpet was masterful (FrodoEyes was amazing! ) and the FoU Flamie Awards After-Party (the FoUFaaP - which sounds appropriately inebriated) was a barrel of laughs thanks to Valar's signature style. Thank you for making me spill my drink. Again! )

                              Congratulations to all of this year's winners! I was especially pleased to see Valar, Kyle, and Magnus enter the Hall of Flame and to see the Good Samaritan award for Stig in recognition of all the work he puts into this great place.


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