The 2018 Flamies Award Ceremony

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    For a moment I had totally forgotten that the sloped base was called surf board


      You do find the most amazing and perfect pictures for posting Vicksken. I love it.

      From the time I saw pocketreef 's 'Favorite 2018 Weta statue' poll thread I wondered just how close his poll would be to the results of the Flames voting. I am surprised at just how close the two came.
      In both the poll and the nominations Isildur came first. 53.3% in the poll and 45.6% in the Flamies. Eomer came third in the poll while he was second in the Flamie voting, yet the percentages were less than 1% apart. 16.7% in the poll and 17.4 % in the Flamies voting. As others have said, Isildur has it all and is perfectly executed and the paint aps are next to perfect, what's not to love?


        Flame of Udûn
        The Flamies 2018

        Quote of the Year

        So as we head towards the final awards we have a little drama!

        The medium of an online forum revolves around writing and telling stories. These stories can be supported by images (and sometimes video) but words reign supreme. Thus writing a memorable quote is often difficult to achieve, yet these two winners (and the deserved runners-up) have managed to do just that - write something memorable for the Flamers.

        We have a tie between two wonderful quotes - one short and sweet, yet full of meaning, the other longer and is supported by imagery to tell a story (much needed in a somewhat contentious thread).

        So well done to Vicksken and Valar for being joint winners in the category of "Quote of the Year" and bringing some words of wisdom and levity to the forum.

        Well done to you both, and congratulations to the runners up.

        "Haldir 1/6 statue"

        (10 votes)

        Originally posted by Vicksken View Post
        Eti money doesn't give hou happiness... Statues do! If only one wasn't needed for the other

        "Thranduil on Elk"

        (10 votes)

        Originally posted by Valar View Post
        Gandalf: "We now have but one choice."

        [Light appears from Gandalf's staff, showing the startled and frightened faces of the Fellowship.]

        Gandalf: "We must face the long dark of the Thranduil On Elk thread…"

        [Gasps and heavy breathing echo in the darkness.]

        Boromir: "We should never have come here!"

        Gandalf: "Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things than Orcs, in the deep places of the forum."

        Frodo: "Like what, Gandalf?"

        Gandalf: "Unpainted nostrils, for one!"

        Frodo: [gasps in disbelief]

        Gandalf: [Suddenly stops walking] "I have no memory of this place."

        Frodo: "But Gandalf, wasn’t this thread recently voted Runner Up Thread of the Year??"

        Gandalf: "Those were happier days, when there was still close friendship at times between folk of different opinion! The wealth of this thread was not in gold… or jewels… but Mirth!"

        Frodo: "I wish those on-line photos had never come to me! I wish none of this had happened!"

        Gandalf: "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. While we wait for Thranduil to arrive!"

        Pippin: "In that case, I’m going to watch that cool video again! "

        [Pippin whips out iPad from Merry’s backpack and presses play]

        Gandalf: "Fool of a Took! Do you want to alert the orcs to our presence here? Put it away!"

        [Pippin turns iPad off, sheepishly…]

        Merry: "Don’t worry Pip, there’s no wi-fi here anyway... "

        Frodo: "There's something down there!"

        Gandalf: "It's Magnus."

        Frodo: "Magnus?"

        Gandalf: "He's been following us on-line for three days."

        Frodo: "He escaped the dungeons of Weta!"

        Gandalf: "No, he just can’t believe all the panic, he wants to reassure us!"

        Frodo: “Oh.”

        Merry: “You know, some of the quality and lighting in those on-line photos and video was okay, but some of the quality kinda stank a little bit.”

        Gandalf: "If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose."

        Sam: “You know, I don't usually hold with foreign photos, but this Elvish stuff in this one – it's not bad. No shiny elk fur, blending looks okay, even the armour looks a bit darker, Mr Frodo, like that prototype we saw!”

        Frodo: “Nothing ever dampens your spirits, does it Sam?”

        Pippin: “Plus we’ve got Gareth at the factory, I heard sometimes he gets in the zone-…”

        Gandalf: “He’s ALWAYS in the zone!”

        [Gandalf stands up]

        Gandalf: "Oh! It's that way."

        Merry: "He's remembered!"

        Pippin: “Remembered what?”

        Merry: “The way back to the old runner-up Thread of the year: Thranduil on Swag Stag - 1:6 scale figure”

        Pippin: “Which way is that?”

        Merry: "Hope!"

        Entire Fellowship: “Huzzah!”

        Hope this brought you guys some cheer and a few chuckles

        As a young-but-old wise man once said (even with 10,000 Uruk-Hai outside his front door):
        “There is always hope!”

        Runner up: Pocketreef in "Weta Stock Taking Sale" (7)

        Honorable mentions:
        Ithildin in "The Pipe Staff of Gandalf the Grey" (5)
        Dave Mac in "Grishnakh 1/6 statue" (4)
        FrodoEyes in "SDCC 2018 Weta" (4)
        Beorn in "The Pipe Staff of Gandalf the Grey" (3)
        Anarion in "Grishnakh 1/6 statue" (1)
        Valar & Earl.Haig in "Building a Hobbit Hole" (1)
        Valad in "The Rampant Speculation Thread (1)


          Worthy winners indeed! I lurvs me a good quote turned to a quip


            Congrats to all winners
            "I would have gone with you to the end,into the very fires of mordor"


              I'm so honoured that you guys, girls and Hobbits think my simple quote is as good as Valars story I feel so much pressure to deliver a fantastic speech but I'm speechless. Hopefully my lucky penguin can distract you all from my failure


                VickskenValar Congrats


                  Flame of Udûn
                  The Flamies 2018

                  Thread of the Year
                  There were 395 new threads started in 2018. Add to this the number of thread from 2017 which had the majority of posts in 2018 and you have a whole lot of reading/skimming to figure out which thread was your favorite for the 2018 Flamies. Would it be the 2000th thread created in 2018, which was "LSB Not for Sale anymore' by Jestjester? Some years it is easy to choose a thread, as one just stands out more than all the others. While other years it is a struggle to figure out one that really pulls you in every time you come into the forum. This years 'Thread of the Year' was an amazing adventure especially during the preorder of the item the thread is all about. What a 45 minute wild ride that was!! Although this thread seems pretty much 'dead' at this point in time, I am sure it will be hoping and pages upon pages of posts are yet to come when the item ships. If you have not figured it out yet, it is my pleasure to inform you that the Thread of the Year for 2018 is for the very anticipated Master's Collection; Treebeard statue started by Bslayer8. Congratulations Bslayer8 as well as Gwindor, the runner up who started Thranduil on Elk and all other nominees.

                  Treebeard statue! - Master's Collection
                  by Bslayer8

                  (14 votes)

                  Runner up:
                  Thranduil on Elk - 1:6 scale figure - SOLD OUT by Gwindor (4)

                  Honorable mentions:
                  Eomer on Firefoot Statue by Urulóki (3)

                  SDCC 2018 Weta by Red (3)
                  Master Swordsmith collection by Stormcrow (2)
                  Poems and Ditties of Middle Earth and other Realms by Dave Mac (2)
                  Red's EPIC 10 Years as a Flamer Giveaway! by Red (1)
                  Brisbane Supanova 2018-Pics added by Red (1)
                  Building a Hobbit Hole by Valar (1)
                  Custom West Gate of Moria, the Doors of Durin Environment by Dr.Malcolm (1)
                  Elf and Dwarves in Battle by Idril (1)
                  Favorite 2018 Weta statue by Pocketreef (1)
                  The 2017 Flamies Award Ceremony by Stig (1)
                  From Annabel's Brain by Annabel (1)
                  Iron Studios Lord of the Rings Licence by FrodoEyes (1)
                  Travel with Den - UK 2012 by Den (1)
                  Weta new Ringwraith on Steed by Francho (1)


                    Bslayer8 Congrats!


                      Oh wow, I have missed so much. Between sleep and watching the Liverpool vs. Manchester United match (sorry FoU, priorities) I've had some catching up to do.

                      Woohoo Min! Another lock on the Good Samaritan category. No doubt that it would go to you. What would we do without you!?

                      Congrats Vicky and Valar on the new Quote of the Year category! There was some stiff competition.

                      Way to go Bslayer8on winning the Thread of the Year! It was a good read.


                        Another tricky set of choices for this catagory but well done Bslayer8 for starting this one up


                          Originally posted by Ithildin View Post
                          Oh wow, I have missed so much. Between sleep and watching the Liverpool vs. Manchester United match (sorry FoU, priorities) I've had some catching up to do.
                          Please inform us Flamers that have their PRIORITIES set right, how was the game? and do I need to tip-toe around Red, when he comes back into the 'mod area' or is he going to be flying higher than a helium balloon, set free by a small tot?


                            To start, I want to congratulate all of the winners and nominees. This event and everyone who partakes is the embodiment of what the Flame is. It is a celebration of something we all love, and while we all have found this place because of collecting, I think most stay because of the people. I don't think I have ever logged off the forum feeling worse than I did when I logged on, it always raises my spirits, yes, even when I miss an awesome collectible. Just to share in the excitement of others cannot be understated.

                            Having caught up with the thread just now, I have to say every one of you well deserve it!

                            As for my Flamie, I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and again congratulate those nominated along side me. To be shown so much appreciation, just for doing something I love to do, is humbling. At the same time, I wonder if I really deserve it, and I feel guilty for winning. I love this place so much, and many people here, I would even consider a good friend, and yet, at the same time, I don't feel like I put in enough effort. I take it for granted that when I am less busy, or life finally giving me a moment, I can just pop in and everything will be as it has always been. This is something I plan on fixing, to be more a part of the group, to truly earn the friendships I have made, and to continue making more.

                            So here is to the Flame, may all of us embers who make it glow, burn bright this year!


                              Congrats BSlayer!!



                                Elessar (14 votes) & Red (11 votes)

                                Flame of Udûn
                                The Flamies 2018

                                The Hall of Flame

                                Two esteemed members take their place today in the most hallowed of halls: The Flame of Udûn Hall of Flame. One of those members buys almost anything Weta churns out, while the other one is a little more picky these days. One is our inside connection to, the other is one of favourite mods. Both are totally deserving of their place in the Hall of Flame.

                                Elessar was a longtime member of our forum's predecessor, The Shadow and Flame. 'Was' because I believe at one time he was banned. I don't know why and I truly don't care, because I have come know him as one of the most knowledgable and friendly collectors I have ever had the pleasure to come across. An avid collector, he finds the time to photograph every new item extensively and proudly shows his work on this forum. He writes reviews for TORn and shares them here. Or is it the other way around? Elessar is one of the driving forces of this forum, consistently filling it with meaningful post and beautiful photos. Which truly is what this forum is all about.

                                Red is probably one of the closest friends I have never met. Being a mod on this forum brought me the privilege of working with some of the warmest people I'll ever know. And Red definitely is one of those. A family man through and through, he still finds time to help run the forum. Even when things get hot - and I mean that quite literally, like fires only a mile from his house - he keeps his cool. He has a great sense of humour, which he should spread a bit more. I mean, just one vote for comedian? Come on! But you totally made up for it with your induction in the Hall of Flame.

                                Welcome to the Hall of Flame, Elessar and Red!

                                Runner up: Olórin (10)

                                Honorable mentions: Bill59 (9), Dave Mac (8), FrodoEyes (6), Kyle (3), TheWhiteHand (3), olldduffer (2), Stormcrow (2), Valar (2), AlswaysHappy (1), Anduin (1), Annabel (1), DD (1), Finarfin (1), Herendil (1), Nocturno (1), Orc from Morc (1), Sirjump (1), Vicksken (1), Wetanut (1), wiking (1)
                                Last edited by Olórin; 25th February 2019, 09:06.


                                  Excellent choices for 2 outstanding contributors ????

                                  And I think Elessar was banned for drunken photos on his porch after an S+F Flamies celebration whilst dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis's 'Great Balls of Fire' with a candle.

                                  Could be mistaken though


                                    Huge congrats Josh and Matt!! Welcome to the club and enjoy your steaming pile of shit, err.... I mean award!


                                      Originally posted by Dave Mac View Post
                                      Excellent choices for 2 outstanding contributors ????

                                      And I think Elessar was banned for drunken photos on his porch after an S+F Flamies celebration whilst dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis's 'Great Balls of Fire' with a candle.

                                      Could be mistaken though
                                      I heard that Elessar was banned due to drunkeness and 'interesting' dancing at the Flamies award celebration.
                                      I would say that I am right, as part of the video just happened to 'show up'.


                                        First off thank you for this honor. I can’t really put into words how much this means to me. I love all of you. So thank you for being a constant source of positive energy in my life. I truly try to be addition to the board and bring at least as much as I get from you all. You guys and gals all

                                        Red I am stoked to be joining this club with you. You’re pretty freaking awesome and you’re always beyond kind to me.

                                        @Olorin - Thank you for the kind words. They are appreciated. I think quite highly of you. Thank you for kindness.

                                        Finally a thank you for all the votes for the various categories I showed up in. The fact that you all think enough of me means the world. I promise I will try to be worthy of this honor everyday I’m a member of this family.


                                          Congrats Elessar and Red! Two true legends of the forum are entering the Hall of Flame!!!
                                          Do you like books? Visit the New books, old books thread!