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    Love the trains and Cathedral. The folding metal chairs look very out of place though.

    Funny how things go around. Mary is beheaded and buried in that cathedral and then fast forward and her son is king and she's moved to Westminster.
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      Day 16 - To the South!

      We left Offord Darcy after a big breakfast. Steve and Sheena have duties to attend to, so they had to stay behind.

      The day was sunny and cool. After an hours drive, it was cloudy and cool. By the time we reached Oxford, it was cold and wet and stayed that way.

      We paused at Silbury Hill to take photos, and then headed for Avebury.

      Silbury Hill is a man-made mound built some time during the Neolithic age. It is part of the Stonehenge and Avebury system. The rain was a nasty cold pin-prick blown by the wind. My poor umbrella was turned inside out and bent all the struts.

      Silbury Hill by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      We wandered around the town within the stone rings and ditch dug during the Neolithic, for over an hour.

      Avebury Stone Circles panorama by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      Avebury ring by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      We wandered around and were amazed at the site. There were some lambs sheltering in the lee of an ancient sarsen stone.

      Old and new by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      Avebury by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      Avebury by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      The rain grew worse and I had an unplanned kneeling event involving mud and jeans. Back in the car I cranked the heater up to 11 and felt the chill leave as my jeans dried.

      Avebury by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      Time to stock up on essential supplies.Avebury by Den Whitton, on Flickr

      After Avebury we headed south to Stonehenge. The day had turned bleak. The wind blew the rain directly over the stones, so there was no way to take a decent photo without getting rain on the camera lens. Aaron was very disappointed with the weather, but he is impressed by the site.

      We are currently in a Holiday Inn at Amesbury. If the day is good tomorrow morning we'll hit Stonehenge again, and maybe Salisbury Cathedral before heading for Southampton. Time for some afternoon tea.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Eagle IPA and Cheese.jpg Views:	1 Size:	177.0 KB ID:	125429

      Notes from 2018

      - There is an avenue of standing stones from Silbury Hill to Avebury - about 2 miles long. It's a nice walk, but not in the wet.
      - Avebury is amazing, but not in the wet.
      - Eagle IPA is disappointing. Too bitter and not enough malt.
      - Black Bomber mature cheddar is very yummy, and made up for the disappointing beer.
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        Nice update Den. So has anyone ever figured out what they were trying to accomplish with the stones?


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          The only archaeological consensus is "It's ceremonial." How, when, and why are lost to history. There are two avenues of standing stones leading from Avebury; one westward to some standing stones, and one south-eastward to an almost vanished henge near Silbury Hill and the West Kennet and East Kennet long-barrows. The whole landscape was as important as Stonehenge. But why is unknown.
          Mild mannered maniac.