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    Originally posted by bishop View Post
    You took amazing pictures again!
    Originally posted by Celaglar View Post

    I second that
    Thanks bishop and Celaglar. It's always nice to hear my pics are well received.

    Originally posted by Darkcorner View Post
    Thanks for the awesome pics Bill, just captured the likeness so well. IS has done a great job in this 1:10 scale, I hope Weta would bring out a larger scale individual sculpt someday of these 2 great characters.

    Btw, are you collecting the entire IS Moria scene?
    Thanks, Darkcorner. Yeah, IS did indeed do a great job. I love their Moria, Balin's Tomb scene. Yeah, I do hope to collect the entire IS Moria scene. However, perhaps not the Cave Troll unless I can get him at a good price.

    Originally posted by Ithildin View Post
    Nice photos bill. Looks like you opted to keep Gimli's axe on his back.
    Thanks, Ithildin. Yeah, as I have him displayed facing forward, I didn't see any need to take it off. However, as we all know it really shouldn't be there.

    Originally posted by Levidas View Post
    Great pictures once again! I find the likeness on Legolas absolutely amazing for such small scale, great job by IS
    Thanks, Levidas. Glad you like them. Yeah, IS did indeed do a great job. I'm very much liking what they are doing for this scene so far.


      Great pictures Bill, you consistently make the best ones here on the forums


        Two beautiful little figures that are also represented in my collection

        Thanks for the great pictures