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    Ask Weta: Ask Dave Tremont

    Chat and learn from the amazing Weta modelmaker Mr. Tremont!

    Hi Dave,

    Good to have you back on the Forum again !
    Thanks for the birthday wishes on Facebook. (May 19th - Patrick Paenen) as well.

    Ps : Did you perhaps have the time to answer my last question on Facebook ?
    Am I allowed to past your comment in the Forum topic "What might SDCC-2015 bring ?"
    After all, that was a private discussion . . . so I want your approval first !
    Or perhaps you would like to post that yourself ;-).


      Love you Dave!


        Hi Dave! I hope you are well. Are you busy finishing goodies for us? How is your book coming along?


          Hi Dave!


            Hi Dave sure did miss you in Calgary this year. Hope to see you at Calgary's 2016 Comic Expo.

            So looking forward to getting my hands on #35.
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              Hello... (tap, tap, tap)... can you hear me up the back?... Oh, good... well, it is good to be back here on the forum after so long away.

              First business of the day, sorry for my absence right at the start of this... felt a bit poorly and needed to rest up a bit. Trying to catch up now and get my head into stuff that is Weta and forum and Facebook and...

              This is brilliant, back up and running again with a bigger and brighter place for collectors, fans and (would seem) more Weta people... and that Leonard bloke.

              We have a packed show for you tonight... ARG! what am I saying... have been watching way too much TV right through the night for way too long... it's OK now, it is turned off... and unplugged.

              Stig - I am in a constant state of being amazed but, I don't think I am amazing.

              Informatix - Yah. I think I must have answered your question as I can't find anything to show a missed question. OK, private messages. I would like to think that private is exactly that no matter how innocent or simple the answers are. We are in a position of having privileged information and the only way we are allowed on the forum is because we have to be careful what we say. With that, all of you are held in a much higher level of trust than all others where you get to see and find out about stuff that no one else does. And I never want to have to think about what I say or be guarded so, it is a simple matter of trust. I hope this does not seem over the top. We do keep hammering the powers to be to let us reveal more.

              As for Comic Con... have we got stuff... #### yeh! Leonard is busting his proverbials... I'm just watching. Actually, a lot of people are working hard to get you the stuff you so desire.

              Stormcrow - I'm scared now...

              Idril - We are finishing stuff like there is no tomorrow... well, actually there is a tomorrow AND I WILL BE IN THERE FINISHING STUFF.

              The book is coming along, just trying to get my head back into it after a bit of a break and still trying to figure out how to get it printed. Bit of a mental hurdle I have to get myself over. I'm actually writing book 2 and 3 while trying to figure this stuff out.

              Ithildin -

              Minuwillwiliaan - I do miss the conventions and really hope to go to more sometime soon.

              All for now... talk soon.


                Thanks Dave - don't stop...... Keep working... .
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                  Great to hear from you Dave. Keep up the good work!


                    Lovely post Dave! Good to see you on the forum again. :B It's feeling even more like home than ever before.

                    With all the hints of major greatness at SDCC this year, it'll be a miracle if us Flamers make it to the end of the con without mass spontaneous combustion!


                      Now we are talking! Made me laugh, as usual, reading your post. You can take that trust to the bank Dave, If I'm told something in confidence, it stays that way.

                      Hope your personal projects are coming along wonderfully.


                        Welcome back to the insanity/forum Dave. Been great following along with the Alliance, looking good.
                        Can't wait to see it all come together in print.


                          Your first post Dave is absolutely "fun"derful, or wonderfully fun. Thanks for joining us all once again. Looking forward to seeing so many of the items you and Leonard were working on, come "to light". All the best, and please get/stay well.


                            Yay! Excellent first post Dave


                              G'day Dave Hope all is well over there. Welcome back to the forum


                                I'm going to answer a question on behalf of David from myself from forums past because I'm glad I saved it otherwise it may have been lost forever.

                                Originally posted by Fritz
                                10-05-2009, 02:09 PM #262
                                Re: Questions for David Tremont

                                Hi Dave,

                                Not sure if you can answer this question since it's probably more of a prop question, but here goes, In Fellowship of the Ring, what plant was used as Athelas/Kingsfoil?
                                Originally posted by Dave Tremont
                                10-05-2009, 08:56 PM #263
                                This one is a bit of a struggle. Daniel and I have been trying to figure it out. We don't know anyone that remembers or were involved... it was a long time ago. So far we have drawn blank but I have a few others to ask when I see them latter. I will let you know if I have any luck.
                                Originally posted by Dave Tremont
                                10-05-2009, 10:48 PM #264
                                You are in luck.... I was able to get some info from the heads greens guy via a co worker here in the workshop. There may have been a few similar plants used in the background but this is the most likely used.

                                Native ground cover – Pratia Angulata


                                A wide spreading groundcover, found throughout New Zealand from sea level to 1300m. It is fast growing and very popular as it is easy to establish. It is smothered in white flowers from Spring through to Autumn followed by red berries in Winter. It prefers damp places but usually does well anywhere.
                                and I say again, Thank you!


                                  Found a chap who makes tiny things

                                  Have you heard of Willard Wigan? ​
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                                    Hey Dave if you find yourself looking for something more academic this might be right up your alley.
                                    Professor of Lego's at Cambridge University.


                                      Originally posted by Glassary View Post
                                      Hey Dave if you find yourself looking for something more academic this might be right up your alley.
                                      Professor of Lego's at Cambridge University.
                                      How on earth will Dave survive the cold and wet English climate?


                                        Originally posted by Stig View Post

                                        How on earth will Dave survive the cold and wet English climate?