SDCC 2015 : What will it bring this time ?

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    SDCC 2015 : What will it bring this time ?

    No better topic to start the new Forum with then looking to the future, looking to what is to come.
    It's not long now until SDCC-2015 madness strikes again.

    What do you think that Weta will have ready for us ?

    This is what I expect :

    - From LOTR we only had "Faramir", and "the Balrog" last year (which was magnificent by the way)
    This year I think that there will be another big one. Looking back at the polls of the old forum,
    the environment of "Minas Tirith" was Always competing at the top of the lists.
    Perhaps this year it will be revealed at SDCC-2015.
    Weta knows that one day or another they will have to make this, and it's better to release such a bigature when the focus is still on.
    Now that the last Hobbit movie has hit the screens, this would be the perfect moment to do so I guess.

    - From LOTR : If Minas Tirith is not the case, then I hope we may fianelly see "Grond".
    And I don't mind if both would be revealed ;-)

    - From LOTR : Still missing : Treebeard, Merry & Pippin sitting on the wall of Isengard, Arwen & Frodo on Asfaloth, etc

    - From the Hobbit : I assume we might see a new Troll, most likely a catapult Troll.
    The Cave Troll from LOTR is still a holy grail on the second hand market, but by creating a new Troll (from The Hobbit)
    some collectors might finally be able to add a Troll to their collection

    - But for "The Hobbit" there are so many possibilities :
    - Galadriel (hopefully in cork screw dress)
    - Legolas (he definately needs a remake)
    - Master of Laketown & Alfrid
    - Orcs
    - Beorn
    - Goblin King (on Throne - to accompany Thror on Throne )
    - A diorame : Gandalf & Galadriel surrounded by 'the Nine" at Dol Guldur
    - Environment : House of Radagast

    It seems that once you start thinking of the possibilities, they are endless . . .
    So I'm really looking forward to your thoughts about this.

    What goodies do YOU think that will be coming ? (or what do you hope for ?)

    I would love to see an Arwen with Frodo on Asmfaloth :drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:d rool:drool


      Originally posted by Darkness View Post
      I would love to see an Arwen with Frodo on Asmfaloth :drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:drool:d rool:drool
      I know.
      The RIDERS statues have Always sold very well.
      Hopefully we may see this one some day.

      Talking about riders : "Thranduil on his Elk" would be a great rider statue as well.
      After all, they both showed up many times in the 3rd movie.


        Environment wise I want Minas Tirith. That has to be made at somepoint.

        Statue wise I want Eomer on steed, Denethor, Elendil, and Isildur.


          Eomer on Firefoot!!!

          Beorn, either in human or bear form. I'm not picky!

          Elrond in his AUJ aubergine armour. (We've already got him in golden armour, so bring on some color!)

          Galadriel in corkscrew turn dress w/without the lovely grey overcoat. She looks stunning either way.

          Wouldn't say no to a Grond!!!

          Perhaps a Fountain Guard.

          Mirkwood armour Legolas.

          I'd love to see another incarnation of Thranduil, but not holding my breath for it. There are so many characters that haven't even had their chance to debut. *cough* Ori!

          Perhaps a new miniature/full-size crown line. I'd love to get Galadriel's headpiece, or either of Thranduil's crowns.


            I seem to remember armored Lurtz, prologue elf and Eomer on steed being high on the list. I would like to see Lurtz personally. A cave troll would be cool too.
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              I think that Minas Tirith environment is long overdue, as well. Really hope to see at least a prototype of an LotR environment! Eomer on Firefoot would certainly be great, too. As for the Hobbit, who knows! Hopefully one of the remaining dwarves, plus some new possibilities. A lot of big names have seen the light of day, so maybe we'll see some secondary and generic characters: Galadriel and Elrond, the Master of Laketown, Legolas, Elven soldier, orc soldier, maybe even Dain Ironfoot!

              I'm hoping to see a new hobbit hole, and maybe a return of the mini shield or helm line.

              The very same Fingolfin from the S+F and UCF!


                I hope to see at least one of the following:
                • Minas Tirith
                • Dol Guldur
                • Prologue Elf
                • Gil Galad
                • Thranduil on elk
                • Eomer on Firefoot

                One of the above would really make my summer. After that, the possibilities are endless and most welcome.

                A diorama with Galadriel, Gandalf and the nine in Dol Guldur would be a dream come true, can we really hope beyond hope...


                  GROND GROND GROND!

                  I'm also hoping we'll see Dain on War Pig.


                    Dain on war pig will be awesome!

                    Looking forward to the SDCC reveals



                      Treebeard, Eomer on steed, Minas Morgul and Mina's Tirith are at the top of my wish list. Oh, a new 1/6 Saruman would be great too!


                        Finally I can use one of these:


                          What I hope to see most, is a lot of items that I really really really... don't want.

                          I just don't have the space any more


                            Originally posted by theguru1 View Post
                            What I hope to see most, is a lot of items that I really really really... don't want.

                            I just don't have the space any more
                            Boy, oh boy--do I hear you!

                            On the other hand, I've taken the position now that there pieces, sure to come, that I want MORE than certain pieces I already have. And since I've long gotten over the dream of being a completist, I can some pieces come in while others get sold off. So I say bring on Minas Tirith!!

                            So, have you ever 'made room' in your collection?


                              Originally posted by puppetpusher View Post
                              So, have you ever 'made room' in your collection?
                              Nope, I still own everything I've purchased so far. Hence lack of space.


                                I would want Eomer on steed and Arwen on Asfaloth
                                Loyalty, honor, a willing heart, I can ask for no more than that.


                                  +1 for Eomer on Firefoot!
                                  "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
                                  ~~Thorin Oakenshield


                                    Originally posted by Stig View Post
                                    Finally I can use one of these:

                                    Does sum it up pretty well



                                      Eomer has got to be made! Be he on Firefoot or solo...I'm up for him either way. Make it so Weta.



                                        My predictions, which are alwAys

                                        A troll, probably a battle troll.
                                        Someone on a steed
                                        A bronze of some descrition
                                        Finally that snowy environment thing with a wizard and a dead balrog!