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    Custom Topps Autograph Cards

    Hello everyone,

    Topps released three sets of autographs for the three films, and a fourth set in a different style. The first three sets were done with a tasteful One Ring on the card with the signature inside the ring, and front and back portraits of the character. Over the last year, I paid for some custom cards in the original "Ring" style and had them signed by a few of the actors.

    I have extras available. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. The Elendil cards are currently coming back from Mr. Peter McKenzie, so if you were interested in multiple cards, you would have to wait until those returned to me before I could ship.

    Cirdan - approached directly - First custom card I tried, a minor character in the films but as part of the Grey Havens scene, he holds a special place for me.
    Elendil - approached directly - Brief but intense appearance in FOTR, may go well with the upcoming statue!
    Eowyn - UK Convention earlier this year. --> While Eowyn was featured in the Two Towers set, these cards feature her in her Pelennor Fields armour, rather than her Edoras dresses, much improved.
    Sauron - UK Convention earlier this year. --> Issued in the fourth "Chrome" set, but not in the "Ring" style, now fixed.
    Grima - UK Convention earlier this year. --> Major omission from the Two Towers set, now corrected!

    Cirdan (Michael Elsworth) - 140 USD shipped.
    Elendil (Peter McKenzie)- 130 USD shipped.
    Eowyn (Miranda Otto) - 180 USD shipped.
    Sauron (Sala Baker) - 140 USD shipped.
    Grima (Brad Dourif) - 160 USD shipped.

    Regrettably, the need for go betweens for the convention signers added to the costs. These are being offered at cost, or even slightly below cost, to you.

    Pictures to come. In the meantime I have included the blank Elendil card as an example of the "Ring" style.

    Cards are shipped in a penny sleeve inside a Card Saver 1 (thicker plastic envelope), in a stiff cardboard mailer, tracked, from Canada.

    Hope this of interest to some people here!

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    I found an awesome Topps card that I really liked the art work for., Galadriel reaching out to Gandalf at Dol Guldur. I used an online photo to Lithograph converter and 3d printed the image. Just looking at it it looks like a chunk of resin... but when you back light it... holy crap!!. Awesome stuff.