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  • 1/6 Scale Great Goblin King

    Rogério Borges Teixeira of Studio Lozaca in Brazil is making good progress on a 1/6 scale Great Goblin King.

    As you may know, this had been a long desired piece for me and with Weta basically saying he is not likely too be made by them, I thought I would let those interested in this project aware.

    I have been in touch with the artist and he is fine with me sharing details here. He is currently doing mould tests at the moment and is looking to do 2 possible versions!

    No pricing as yet and still being decided if it is to be a kit or fully painted etc. Pictures to follow soon ( and they are pretty amazing!)
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    Will keep a sharp watch here


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      Is that one of these facebook sculptors


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        Dave Mac , waiting to be teased more when pics and pricing are available. Maybe you should convince him to log onto this thread so he can take orders when the time comes.
        Radagaster from S&F, LOTRGuide


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          Just in case you are wondering what it looks link. He is also working on a scribe.

          Goblin King by Rick Fernandes Studio by William Daly, on Flickr

          Goblin King by Rick Fernandes Studio 3 by William Daly, on Flickr

          Goblin King by Rick Fernandes Studio 4 by William Daly, on Flickr

          Goblin King by Rick Fernandes Studio 2 by William Daly, on Flickr


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            Hum will keep a eye on this one would have liked him but not top of my list


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              Thanks Bill for adding the full picture, I struggled to find that one

              Some update/ progress pictures:

              received_1365629860210068 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr

              received_1291393840967004 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr

              received_1291393844300337 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr

              received_1365364316903289 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr

              received_1437179173055136 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr

              received_1291858040920584 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr

              received_1291858054253916 by Dave Mac 123, on Flickr


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                The size is huge for 1/6 scale. This will be bigger than existing Weta Trolls I think

                Obviously some pictures are of the computer design, but the head and body parts have been trial cast now.


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                  I have always maintained that I would never buy a WETA Goblin King if it is not part of a larger environment that comes with the throne. This makes me very secure in that past stance and makes me more convinced than ever that the GK was and is one of the absolute worst designed characters in any of the Jackson Middle-earth films.


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                    This looks very promising,have too disagree with Gideon on this one .I think he was a great character and definitely
                    on my radar to buy


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                      Either way this guy looks very talented


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                        Great work on him, but I agree with Gideon, I never liked this design, and the size is just prohibitive


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                          Originally posted by wargrider View Post
                          Great work on him, but I agree with Gideon, I never liked this design, and the size is just prohibitive
                          You are obviously a person of great taste and discernment.


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                            I find pretty exciting what this young artist is doing. I hope he can get a good painter to assist him and that this is just his first piece. Middle earth is a very rich universe and there are hundreds of potential pieces just waiting for skilled artists.

                            If the painted prototype is accurate I may consider it but the size concerns me too. If it is sold as a kit to assemble and paint I will have to pass. I move houses every 3-4 years so pieces that I cannot box are a no no.

                            Considering the feedback from people here I think the artist could offer a mini version (If 3D printed i hope it is not hard). If he prints it in the same scale as Weta Tom, Bert and William I think most people here would just jump at it, it would be a must-have mini.

                            Dave Mac I speak Portuguese, let me know if I can help.


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                              Thanks Pocketreef. The artist has worked on some other projects so this is only a new one for him personally it seems.

                              Weta may offer a small version of the GK somewhere down the line but I think such huge creatures to be made smaller than even a Hobbit statue is a shame which is why I started this thread as I know there are a few people who think like me in wanting there big creatures BIG!

                              Having two out of three released Trolls (Snow Troll, War Troll, not counting Halimaws 1/4 Cave troll which is massive ) I can honestly say they make a great impact against other 1/6 scale statues. I know the Trolls are not true 1/6, but they are big enough to convey the character' screen presence.
                              Love him or hate him, the Goblin King was a highlight for me and a Great Goblin King needs to be Great in the 1/6 lineup.



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                                Dave Mac - check this image:
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Gandalf%2Bfighting%2Bgoblin%2Bking%2B-%2BAUJ.png
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Size:	840.0 KB
ID:	119240

                                Based on it GK is about 1.5 Gandalf. Weta Gandalf 1:6 as per website is 34cm high, therefore with base the GK 1:6 should be around 50 cm high. As tall as Weta Balrog. I say this because GK staff skull on that picture seems immense, like around 1:4? and in that scale GK is around 77cm without base. Do you have any measurements?


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                                  I will ask him, but as for scale it is stated as 1/6 so if true to scale the skull etc will be big. Remember the Troll pieces are not true scale so GK will be bigger than them in statue form.


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                                    Thanks Dave for the continued updates


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                                      Had reply from Rogèrio. He is saying 60cm from toe to top of crown with another 7 to 10cm for the base (estimated)


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                                        that's a true 1/6 scale piece