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Newsletter February 2021


  • Newsletter February 2021

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    Flame of Udûn
    February 2021

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    Win autographed postcards.
    Our forum member Annabel is feeling mighty generous and in her latest giveaway she wants you to feel creative. Compose a fictional postcard of your liking and post it in Annabel's giveaway thread before the deadline February 27th to get a chance to win one of two Weta postcards signed by none other than Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger themselves.
    Postcards from Middle Earth

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    The Flamies 2020.
    The Flame of Udûn Message Board's very own awards ceremony. Who will end up with the prestigious awards is up to you members. We've made an easy to follow form for you to use when voting. Who to vote for has to be a battle between your heart and brain. This is the 6th annual Flamies and all active members have a chance to vote - and win! The voting ends just before the festivities start. You have until Friday February 19th to send in your ballot and later the same day we will start the Awards Ceremony.
    Read more about the nominating routine
    Vote here!

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    Vote to win - more than just awards.
    Just like earlier years Weta has sponsored us with 3 prizes to be used as raffle prizes. All you have to do is to vote in this year's Flamies. Be sure to vote in 10 or more of the categories to enter the raffle. We will announce the winners during the awards ceremony this coming weekend. If you are one of the lucky winners, you may end up with one of the two new statues from the Lord of the Rings Classic Series or maybe the trio of Mini Epics istari,
    Vote here!

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    A farewell from one of our moderators.
    Our long-time, down-under forum member and moderator Scriff has decided to step down as a moderator for Flame of Udûn. Scriff has been instrumental in getting the FoU up and running and has through the years been a great support for the rest of the moderator team with his clear head and wise voice. The rest of the moderator team want to give Scriff a big thanks and many virtual hugs for all the work he has put into both The Flame of Udûn and the Shadow and Flame. Although saddened by this news, we are very, very glad to learn that he will stay on as a forum member. All who had met Scriff in person, be it at a moot or a convention, know that his wonderful personality we know from the forums are the very same in real life.
    Give your thanks to Scriff the moderator

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    Weta delves into the DC Expanded Universe.
    The sculptors at Weta have years of experience with long, flowing capes, but they haven't really dipped more than their big toe in the superhero waters, not since the four Superman Returns statues in 2006. Now, 15 years later, Weta is returning to Superman and his Justice League pals when they release products from Zack Snyder's Justice League. The 2017 movie has been reshot and recut by the original director and will premiere on HBO Max as a limited series later this year. What exactly Weta will produce is yet a mystery. Best way to keep yourself updated is to follow the forum thread:
    Collectibles incoming from Zack Snyder's Justice League
    Jump back in time to see the Superman Returns statues

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    New Epic Middle-earth Minis coming.
    In a video showcasing the Lord of the Rings Mini Epics posted on various social media, Weta snuck in two never before seen figures. Our favourite Dark Lord is already up for pre-order and Gandalf the White is coming soon. Have you started collecting these smaller, whimsical vinyl figures yet? The Lord of the Rings line is growing bigger and now is as good a time as any to get a few of them! If nothing else it's a more affordable way to collect the whole Fellowship. That's right, all nine of them! Follow and join the discussion at Flame of Udûn.
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      The Flame of Udûn Awards: The Flamies 2018
      We're well into the new year and Golden Globes, Grammies and Baftas has been handed out to deserving
      and hard working artists the last few weeks, but in little more than a week it's time for the most important
      award of them all. This is the fourth annual Flamies at The Flame of Udûn message boards and it is a big
      one. More categories than ever and more prizes than ever. The voting process is about halfway there.
      Make sure you get your votes in before the deadline. If you want to know more about the awards, why
      not have a look at the previous award shows.
      Award ceremonies: 2015 | 2016 | 2017
      This year's nomination thread
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