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Newsletter March 2019


  • Newsletter March 2019

    Spring is coming to the northern hemisphere and Weta's warehouses has just had their spring cleaning - even if one of them is in the southern hemisphere and entering autumn.

    Win an epic surprise!
    Even if it's just the second year, let's call it a tradition. As last year, a "flamies wrap up giveaway" is here for you to enjoy. We hope you all have recovered from the award ceremony and the Minuialwen's after party. Even if it took some of you (looking at you, Red) a week or so to wake up after the festivites. The giveaway combines trivia, internet research and love - and runs for a whole four weeks. Even if only two of the prizes is known, I can promise you that the rest of the surprise box is filled with awesomeness.
    After the After Party giveaway

    The Flamies is a wrap!
    The red carpet is rolled up and put up in storage for the next 11 months or so. A big help to the moderator team for making the annual Flamies Awards possible. And a big thank you to Weta who continues to sponsor us with big and amazing prizes. If you were unable to attent the award ceremony, please have a look through the thread. Maybe did you get nominated? Or did your favorite win? A wonderful time all around. Also, poop!

    Your favorite tree!
    It looks like the Masters Collection Treebeard is arriving sooner than first anticipated. The second Masters Collection released and one of the fastest (if not THE fastest) sell-out from Weta ever. Stay tuned to the Weta Workshop section of the forum and see the reactions and pictures of the first arrivals. And if you were one of the lucky ones to order the ent, please feel free to post pictures when he arrives.
    Take a look at the forum thread here.

    Back the new boardgame!
    Weta is diving deeper in the boardgame business with the new District 9 game which in a few minutes will debut as a Kickstarter campaign. At the time writing this, it is unknown what the rewards are, but if you are a fan of boardgames and/or the Neill Blomkamp 2009 movie, be sure to check it out.
    Weta's presentation page for the game.

    The yearly stocktaking sale.
    For a couple of weeks now, the Weta site has had a lot of hits from collectors worldwide who've tried to score a good deal. Be it a combo deal, reduced prizes or flash sales - a lot of money could be saved. If you were quick enough. Several products sold out quickly from some of the warehouses, making some of the deals less attractive as soon as shipping was added. The sale engaged a lot of the forum members. To see the whole thread with reactions and debates, click here
    Join the discussion here.
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      Spring is coming to the northern hemisphere and Weta's warehouses has just had their spring cleaning - even if one of them is in the southern hemisphere and entering autumn. ...
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