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Newsletter February 2019


  • Newsletter February 2019

    Happy New Year to all (if you follow the Roman or Chinese calendar). We've been through a huge year with some stunners released and previewed throughout 2018. The Master Collection Gollum and Treebeard, the BOTFA dwarf and elf - the first double feature piece and ToE just to name a few. Center pieces, space killers, whatever you'd like to call them, they sure are impressive from both an artistic and engineering point of view. We're doing something different in the NL this time around. All moderators have written a short and personal text about what's on their mind currently. As an admin, I have to apologize for the lack of NL the last 12 months or any huge updates from us lately. The real life have a tendency to take over at times, but rest assure that we are all still lurking in the shadows. And if you feel something is up, just notify any of us and we bring you concerns to the rest of the team.

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    For the next few months, I am excited to tell you that we got a few things planned - or early in the planning stages. First and foremost, The Flamies. Within a few days we'll start the voting process of this years award show. Stay tuned for more information. And later in the year we have the forum's birthday coming up and the big event of the year: SDCC.

    Personally, I collect a lot less than what I used to. It's a combination of things, but of course money is central to the whole thing. Everything is getting more expensive and the economy is getting worse. That combined with higher shipping costs and import taxes makes it a stressful ordeal. Not that shopping from abroad ever was a walk in the park when you live in the outskirt of the world. But I am still looking forward to what 2019 will bring us, even if it will be mostly window shopping on my behalf.
    Best wishes, Stig

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    The partytree is dressed down and it's been a few weeks since we saw (Gandalf's?) fireworks. How are your New Year's resolutions holding up? One of my resolutions was to be more active on the forum, but so far I haven't really lived up to that. And I can't really blame anyone but myself... I sure as heck can't blame Weta because with all the great stuff that they are cranking out, I find it very hard to keep a check on my bankaccount/creditcard. I can't blame you guys and gals, because you keep making this forum the best corner of the internet. Seriously, your generosity and selflessness never cease to amaze me. I can't blame my fellow mods, because you can't find a group of people more dedicated to this forum than they are

    So, there's really nothing I can do but start posting again! No more excuses! Unless life gets in the way of course. And I gotta tell you: with two daughters in their graduation years, a busy job and helping a friend start up her business.... life does tend to get in the way every now and then. So yeah, I'm looking forward to being a bit more active again. You'll definitely be seeing more of me when the Flamies come around. I never miss a chance to dress up for a good party!! But if I do go AWOL again for a while, please know that I'll always keep an eye on the forum. Two eyes, as often as I can spare them.
    Cheers, Olórin

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    The Christmas rush is over. The hype of many new and exciting Middle-earth reveals seems to have slowed down considerably, as has the posting on The Flame of Udun. Although I/we have no insights into what Weta is about to release, except for one, a hobbit hole with a round door, windows and a tree out front, makes my heart sing just knowing that there is another homely home of a hobbit on the way, but says little about which one, at least for many. There is one thing that I/we do know is coming, the Annual Flamies. For the newbies who don’t know what the Flamies are all about, we would strongly suggest you check out last years.

    It is always fun to watch when a member becomes a ‘Flamer’, a member with 100 or more posts. I’m even happier when one of our 2015/original members finally receive “Flamie” under their avatar, while at the same time wondering what took them so very long! With the 26.844 comments that were posted this year 24 members went from “Member” to "Flamer". Ten of these have been members since 2015, while 7 others became members in 2018.

    What a year it has been for collectors of Weta items. Weta has put out so many amazing collectables this year, both huge and well, lets just say Hobbit sized. I know that there is an ‘informal’ poll on the forum as to which is your favourite Weta Middle-earth collectible, it will be interesting to see if the collectible that wins the Flamies collectible of the year is the same as poll winner.

    It is always wonderful to read when member(s) win a Weta contest. It was three times that wonderful just after the "12 Days of Christmas" contest ended. Congratulations to; Jestjester for winning the King of the Dead mini statue, SickRose for winning Sweet and Salty Factions Expansion to the GKR game and to Elliotr13 for winning the 1:6 Haldir.
    - Minuialwen

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    Well, well, well what a Weta year that was. Flamers are smiling , wallets are weeping and we look forward to doing it all again. Happy New Year friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year brings you Health, Warmth and Happiness. I too have been spending lots of time in the real world but have been popping in now and again to check on my fellow Flamers.

    So what does this year promise in the Poly world? After last year's amazing quality, and yes price increases, I'm somewhat pleased to be taking a back seat these days. I'm happy just to watch all you guys enjoy your arrivals and can't wait for Mr. Beard to make an appearance.

    I'll more than likely bump, *burp*, stagger into you at the upcoming Flamies but until then look after yourselves and keep enjoying.
    - Red

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    What to do when the thrill of collecting is gone?

    Ahhh - the smell of that new 1/6 scale polystone statue, fresh out of the box. Then placing your new statue on it’s base. Admiring the details and marvelling at the sculpt. Looking for imperfections in the paintwork, and if you’re lucky, not finding any.... Then carefully picking up the beauty and placing it on your shelf. Only to not look at it much after that.

    What happened to that thrill? I still enjoy opening a new box with a gorgeous Weta sculpt inside, but have found over the last couple of years, that many of my statues have become, well, things on a shelf. I do look and admire my collectibles from time to time, but not as much as I used to.

    My taste has moved from the larger statues to the smaller scale environments like the Hobbit holes. I know why I like the Hobbit holes, but I am vexed as to why the larger statues don’t give me the same reaction. I’m not saying that the larger statues aren’t beautiful - they are, and really are pieces of art in their own right, but I worry that they won’t get the consistent admiration that they warrant.

    My collecting has slowed as my passion has waned - mainly due to family and work, but I still really don’t know why this has happened. Am I alone in this? I don’t think so. I’m sure there are other members on this wonderful forum that feel the same way, but battle on through waiting for the next ‘spark’. It may come or it may not. We are all different.

    If you are feeling the same, or similar, then rest assured you are not alone. It is not wrong to feel this way. The collecting community goes on, as do the wonderful artisans. The pieces on your shelf will be there for you when you do get that urge to examine the gorgeous detail. And that gap on the shelf may one day be filled with that piece you’ve been holding out for - but it may not...

    Just remember to remember the good times. The community is always there. Now, will the next piece of poly give me my spark back?
    - Scriff
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