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Newsletter February 2018


  • Newsletter February 2018

    February 2018

    Vote and win!
    The 3rd annual Flamies awards are just around the corner and we're halfway through the voting process. If you haven't already, please set aside a few minutes to send in your votes. If you vote* you can enter a raffle for some really cool prizes sponsored by Weta. Voting closes February 27th. The Flamies Award show starts March 2nd. Read more in our "nomination round" thread.

    The Flamies Awards Ceremony
    All through the weekend of March 2nd-4th we'll have the big award ceremony where we will announce the winners of all the categories. The winners of the "voting prizes" will also be announced some time during the weekend. Stay tuned in the general section for the event of the year.

    Éomer up for pre-order!
    The very long awaited Eòmer on horseback statue is finally up for preorder. The statue was teased for a short while in the Weta Cave late 2017, but went into hiding again before it popped up at just now. This is the first statue of a horselord on horseback we've ever gotten. Secure yours now!
    Discuss the beautiful horse and his rider on the forum.

    Winner of the Weta Collecta contest
    During Q3 Weta offered us something new. A box named collecta filled with small, random weta goodies - and an invitation to join in on a photo contest. The grand prize was a trip to NZ with an exclusive visit at Weta. The task was to take a photo with your Weta Collecta in a creative way. Even with some debacle regarding the rules, nobody can disagree on the winning picture being absolutely adorable. And what's even better is that the winner is a forum member. Huge congratulations to urbanbarriors from Mexico. We are very much looking forward to hearing about your trip to New Zealand once you have been there. See the winning picture and more from urbanbarrios' photoshoot in the Weta Collecta thread.

    Shipping now
    A few items has recently begun shipping. Over the last few weeks, the Uruk-Hai and Gondor King's Guard helm have found their way to many happy collectors' homes. Just as this newsletter is being written, the Erebor Royal Guard helm and the Isildur 1:6 scale polystone statue have started shipping. We are looking forward to see your pictures when they arrive at their destination.

    Wait for the afterparty...
    In a week's time we'll have the biggest forum party of the year. Keep an eye on the forum the days after the party as well. There may be something else brewing. It can even be happening in the Giveaway section...
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